Рите Дакоте помог «тайный бабский клуб»
Just five months after giving birth, the singer managed to restore the former shape and weight.

Rita Dakota

Photo: from personal archive Rita Dakota

After birth five months ago to daughter MIA, the singer has already returned to its usual form. And given the fact that the first four it is not
trained in gym — had to wait until the doctor gives approval. “It’s not
so, of course, that I was lying on the couch, says Rita. — I
for example, I love to walk. My daughter was only two months
when my family went to Bali and there I was with MIA in a sling walked,
probably the whole island!”

At the time, participating in the “star Factory”, the singer added
more than 10 kilograms
and for a long time already said goodbye to the project, could not get rid of them. Diet did not result in: dropped the weight back quickly. All
changed meeting Rita with an old school friend who has become a fitness consultant. “She pulled
me from the never-ending vortex of diets and failures and opened up a world of intuitive
power and movement. It turned out good for figures do not need to destroy yourself in the gym, eat a lot of grapefruits
and oatmeal on the water,” recalled Dakota. When she, to his surprise,
made sure that the friend approach works, appeared the idea to create
the project “make Friends with the body” — and wanting to learn the effective principles of intuitive
power. “Our project is a “secret girl club” where the girls quietly
lose weight for 10
pounds, don’t even forget about the scale weighing, you know? The
the important thing is that it’s largely psychological assistance to those who are tired of
their complexes”.

Now Rita says that he is not afraid there are no chips, no fast food,
because I trusted my body: “Women obsessed with sweets, harmful
and fatty foods because I have them banned, and then broken.
If the same would apply to any food the same and rely on the natural settings of your
body — hunger, satiation, inner need, the selection of products will be
what exactly you need. You worry about nothing, everything happens by itself.
We call it “intuitive nutrition. And I prefer don’t deny”.

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