Юлия Пересильд: «Я чуть не поседела за эту ночь!»
Realizing that every hour, actress night started calling surgeons.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

It happened in Pskov, the home town of Yulia Peresild, where she made her debut as a Director.

“Recently, the Pskov drama theatre led by Director Dmitry Meskhiev, which I was still a student of GITIS. He already offered me to play some play, but not evolved. Last summer I told him: “And I as the Director of the play put!” However, I suggested that I free write staging for the performance also did not receive any money.”

The actress realized that it was something terrible hassle. Especially when there was this accident.

“You’re responsible for everything: for every person, decoration, sound, light, costumes, wigs, says Peresild. The third run happened real emergency. In the play, a minimum of scenery, the biggest of them is the wooden reel in two human growth, in which the actors ride. And here a week before the premiere this wheel runs into the arm of one guy and injure the finger. The actor was rushed to the hospital. And I have started a real hysteria, no other way to call it. And then there’s the hospital said that the actor an open fracture. I was up all night rang familiar to surgeons in Moscow, agreed on admission. Then I realized that blunt. What Is Moscow? If you do an amputation (and thought was such), then the account goes on the clock. Peter is much closer. In the morning the phone began to look for a surgeon in Saint Petersburg. I almost turned gray in the night. But after a few hours the victim was sent to the provincial hospital, made the tripartite x-ray, and it turned out that he was misdiagnosed. No fracture, just soft tissue gap. Stitched him up, and our guy patiently through the pain, he continued the rehearsal.”

Full interview with Peresild read in the latest issue of the magazine “7 Days”.