“Painful to watch”: Alexei Yagudin showed photo after surgery

«Больно смотреть»: Алексей Ягудин показал фото после операции
Skater after his wife was in the hospital.

Alexei Yagudin alarmed fans is not a joke: it showed in his photo from the hospital. Without explaining the circumstances of the incident, the skater yelled “postoperative” selfie. Appearance bandaged Alexei frightened followers.

“This week we met Tatiana in the family, in a circle of friends! Tanya played the fourth operation on his leg, pulled the metal structure. I have cleaned the head of pus, and then a little bit more and went blind or died. In short, the official passed. The updates loaded, ready to go! PS And how did you start your week?” — joking Alex. Yagudin, despite everything, continues to maintain a positive attitude. Fans of the couple wish her a speedy recovery: “it Hurts to look at it. We wish you a successful rehabilitation!”

Recall that Tatiana received a serious leg injury. on the eve of the New year. Then she was operated on, and in a month returned to training on weekdays. At that time Tatiana was rehearsing a new ice show of Ilya Averbukh’s “Stars of ice”. Of course, Tatiana is not yet able to skate at full strength, so her dance with Maksim Malininym had to completely redo it. Totmianina comes on the ice only a good leg on it and riding. Also skaters have added a maximum of supports so as not to harm the healing leg of Tatiana.