Rita Dakota dreams of children

Рита Дакота мечтает о детях The singer celebrated the ninth anniversary from the day of Dating with lover — participant of “Factory of stars” Vlad Sokolovsky. Young people played a magnificent wedding last year and never cease to confess each other in love.

      26-year-old Rita Dakota, and 24-year-old Vlad Sokolovsky said is important in their lives date. It took nine years from the moment they met and later got married. Pair of Dakota and Sokolov is considered one of the most beautiful and touching in the Russian show-business. Fans of artists don’t stop to admire them and to consider the relationship of the stars exemplary.

      On an important date Dakota said in his Instagram. The singer recalled how he met with Sokolowski on “star Factory”, and was surprised at how quickly time flies. Rita also admitted that one day she would give birth to a child by her lover.

      “How time flies! Nine years since we’ve met my future husband. It would seem that yesterday I was a Tomboy in dreadlocks, piercings and tattered converse, and Vlad a long-haired young pop idol, the fans which turned our tour a factory bus. And today we are a family: two adults holistic persons who have chosen each other for life together, goals, journeys, and once children… Life is so unpredictable,” wrote Rita Dakota in his microblog.

      Fans congratulated the Dakota and Sokolov with the ninth anniversary from the day of their first meeting. “I remember you since “American idol”. I can not understand, how and when it happened, what a daring girl with dreadlocks have grown so pretty, beautiful and feminine girl You are a very harmonious couple, happiness, and love”, “Tenderness”, “Extremely coherent Alliance, good luck to you guys”, “You’re both cool, though you will continue idyll,” wrote the fans of the star couple.

      Recall that Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky met on the set of “American idol” and a long time were just friends. After the project is completed, they parted ways, but after some time, they met by chance at a party of mutual friends. Within six months, the couple hid their relationship. When Rita and Vlad realized that they are serious, then decided to tell all about their affair to the public. In October 2015, artists played a magnificent wedding, which invited relatives and friends. To congratulate the lovers came Julia Kovalchuk, Svetlana Loboda, Tree, Vadim Galygin and many other friends of the newlyweds.