Девушка Данилы Козловского сделает из него правую руку криминального авторитета

For a long time the most eligible bachelor of Russia among the acting parties Danila Kozlovsky is in a relationship with actress Olga Zueva. The pair spends a lot of time together. Now, this period will last for a few hours a day. The fact is that Zueva is debuting as a Director. The girl begins shooting the film “district,” where her favorite Kozlovsky will play a major role.

According to available information, in the picture you will be talking about two friends 0 Vova and Kise who work for a crime boss. The boys engaged in racketeering and outright bullying and at one point think about what they want from life.

“For me it’s a story written with great tenderness and love for people who have no support, resources, money, connections, but who have a big heart and a huge desire to become someone,” comments future project Daniel.

Date of the premiere of the film “In the area” were not disclosed.