Глюк’oZу раскритиковали за майку-алкоголичку и высокие каблуки

Microblog Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova is full of candid snapshots. The singer, who was never a big one, in recent years much has changed, it has made sports an integral part of his life and the result is evident. Figure of Glucose can be the envy of any top model, but the taste, according to fans of the singer, she still needs to vaccinate and to vaccinate.

Large critics have attacked Natalya on recent publications made in Siberia. There Chistyakova-Ionova came to participate in “fashion night” one shopping centre.

On the photo Natalia appeared before us in a weird way: she wore high heels, sweat pants, wife-beater (no bra also). On her head tied “bun”.

Sweatpants and heels?! Where’s the taste?!”, “Studs. tracksuit., Mike-“the alcoholic”. I thought that was only in a deep deep village dress”, “Farm”, “Before this outfit was considered bad taste”, “Ms. silicone, and so cool” – write in the comments to the photo fans.

Do you think this could be the fashion fail of Glucose?