Бруклин Бекхэм и «навязчивая» Хлоя Морец расстались

Barely began to seem that the novel Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz takes a serious character, as the pair stopped everything he had a chance of success.

According to the statements of some Western media, Brooklyn and Chloe decided to leave. A young man with a family back in London to finish school, but Moretz has remained in Los Angeles, where it will face new projects.

So far, the representatives of young people officially this information have not confirmed, but close to the adolescent informants say that the affair is long over. The cause of separation became an obsession of the Hollywood star: “Brooklyn is very young, he has a whole life ahead. He doesn’t want to complicate things. At first he was just blinded by your Chloe, but she wanted their relationship became more serious, and given the fact that Brooklyn lives on the other side of the Atlantic, he just can’t offer it to her, said the insider, adding that in recent weeks, ex-lovers did not spend time together and don’t even really talked to each other.”

Will not be superfluous to note that if the information about the breakup are true, then this is not the first time a couple decides to go separate ways. Return all not normal for Brooklyn and Chloe is no problem.