Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился» Former member of the reality show told the “StarHit” about trying to find the girl of his dreams. Now Andrei Cherkasov clearly represents their ideal. In order to seek a companion of life he left a popular TV show. Now he appears in it only as a mentor.

      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»

      Recently Andrei Cherkasov surprised viewers of the reality show “Dom-2” the fact that the declared intention to leave the project. For three years he tried to find love within the TV program, he did not manage to meet the girl of his dreams. Despite the fact that Andrew has ceased to be a member of “House-2”, it now appears there as a mentor. “StarHit” decided to find out why Cherkasov failed to build relationships, about fleeting novel with Stella Munis, and how refers to an unpleasant statement former lover Victoria romanet.

      Why did you decide to leave the project?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»The main motivation stems from the fact that I now firmly stand on my feet financially, but I have no main thing – the girl, whom could create family. I don’t believe that will project the kind of girl that would meet all my requirements – three years on the “House-2”. I still have 34 years, I’m ready for the family and children. When I talked about wanting to leave the project, the producers suggested to do otherwise. They gave me complete freedom of action – I will live at home, look for a girl outside of the program, but to come to the shooting to give advice to other participants. Producers appreciate my point of view, and don’t want to lose her from the ethereal space of our project.—
      What is your role of mentor?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»Regularly, I was approached by members for advice, because I, like anyone else, know our entire project inside and out. I’m talking from his point of view how to get out of the situation. Recently one of the members wanted to kick off the project. He approached me, explained the situation. I suggested, as if he did in this case. It helped him to survive the vote, after which he shook my hand and thanked for the help. I didn’t approach the guys with their advice, they reach out to me. When I left the project, many even cried, because I always relate humanly to all, try the situation on myself. I know I don’t go to far with recommendations.—
      What advice would you give yourself if you are unable to find love?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»All know coaches who never played football, but became great mentors. They knew the whole system, so they could learn. Yes, I have not yet found your love, but know exactly what I need. Moreover, from is sometimes visible, I look at the situation as a whole. —
      If you are someone like of the participants on the project, you will be allowed to care for her, despite the fact that you now a mentor?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»I now have extended rights – I can build relationships both in the project and outside it. I have an apartment, a car, so that I can a girl quietly to take in. But I think that now many people go into a project not only for love, because I want to “live on TV”, to realize their creative potential.

      What kind of girl you’re looking for?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»What I say – loyalty, sense of humor is obvious characteristics, which, I think, important for any man. But there are requirements. I really like athletic girls with toned figure. For me now it has become one of the important indicators. It would be better if she didn’t know that I’m from “House-2”. When I start to chat with a girl, I begin to question about the project. I feel it’s a shame – is it more interesting reality show than me? And be sure that the girl must not be a quitter. That is, it would not be just a hobby but a concrete desire to realize themselves. Sometimes on the first date I ask the question about goals in career, but I say that only dream about the kids and the husband. But I was more interested to hear that in addition to the family, the girl wants to achieve much in life. So now I’m in search of. Girls can find me in Sistah, I’m open to communication.—
      Not afraid that these girls will have more time to devote to your career, and you’ll be on the sidelines?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»Of course, I don’t need a girl that will forget everything and will be shipped only to the work. I strive for the Golden middle. Everything should be in moderation – even work, but it is clear to come in the evening, could feed her husband, children gather in school. —
      Under these requirements, you are ready to help the woman with household chores? To cook dinner, for example, to help with the children.
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»I’m a business man, can food to cook, and suit yourself.. I generally joke that is even ready to give master classes on how to futurity pants. A man should take upon himself the burden of life. But of course, it is nice to be courted. Think so – I women are pampered with gifts, and she was my kitchen.
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»
      Why, with such an attitude you’re still not met the girl?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»To Blame “The House-2”! Many girls because of my popularity ready to spend time with me, just because I’m from a TV. Many people do not notice my faults and virtues. Those girls who come to the project, usually make trouble, but I need peaceful, but ready to argue with me. It should be fun. It seems to me, if not for the TV show, I would have already been married and raised children. By the way, I was a girl, which I foolishly missed. It had everything I needed. Return nothing – it is proprietary, after all these long lonely anymore. —
      Despite the fact that the project interfere with your personal life, you go from “House-2” finally.
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»“Dom-2” useful in my work. I work for a leading, people know me. Besides, the project itself is expanding, soon there will be one of the topics I’ll be driving. I’m a creative person, won’t work in the office. Although, in my life happened a lot. But in a creative environment where I feel most comfortable.

      With your ex sweetheart Stella you have met through work. Looking for a girl who would be doing the same as you?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»No, for me it is absolutely unprincipled. Let them do anything. I’m not against any profession in the world. The main thing that she loved his work. —
      Your parting with Stella was all a surprise. Why did you decide to end the relationship?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»Stella I was wrong. Always thought that the experience will help me to avoid errors, but while I can’t fully understand girls. All surrounded by, I was told that it does not suit me, but I didn’t believe it. She charmed me, and in fact was dishonest girl. I’m not used to speak ill of those with whom he met. However, I regret that I led her on “House-2”, so admired. Stella was not worthy of those compliments, which I told her. The girl tried to get me some material benefits from the project to the maximum benefit. When it became clear that she was using me, gathered my things and left. As always, I had hoped that relations would reach to a more serious level, we’ll get married. Do not rule out that Stella make up, and wanted to do something to get her back. But when they began to uncover the facts, I realized that this is not my man. She was not the person I was very disappointed. Simply put – she is a vile person.

      I do not regret that broke up with Victoria romanet? You proposed to her and was preparing for the wedding…
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»Unlike the Wiki Stella that Romanets is still present. When we broke up, she was devastated. Vic hated me in real life, but, nevertheless, behaved dishonestly. Now we do not talk to her, I do believe that with the former it is better not to maintain a relationship if there are children. Vic I just say thank you for a bright passionate relationship and wish you only happiness.—
      Follow her life in social networks or maybe something tell mutual friends?
      Андрей Черкасов:«Если бы не «Дом-2», то я давно бы уже женился»No, after the breakup I deleted her from social networks, to know about her life little information. —
      Victoria speaks of you often nasty things. How do you feel about her words?
      It amuses me. Even friends say to me: “What are you so hooked?” After parting ways men and women behave differently. Guys usually don’t, and some girls try to say as many nasty things, and make ex about it definitely know. It seems to me that time will pass and girls will remember our relationship with a smile. I like that Vic, no matter what, no moves on offense. I give her and all the former Hello!