Владимир Пресняков страстно признался в любви Подольской The artist does not get tired to admire his wife. Vladimir Presnyakov doesn’t hide a burning feeling to Natalia Podolsky. Fans can only be glad for musicians who were able to find personal happiness and create a strong family.

      Union famous singer Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolsky many fans consider ideal. Now the couple are raising year-old son Artemiy. However, between spouses, not faded feelings and they never tire of Declaration of love. Presnyakov left for his wife a touching message, which proved once again that between spouses there is harmony, and they are still fascinated by each other, many years ago.

      “It’s been 11 years, and I love how for the first time in this establishment!” – written by Vladimir and published a photo of Podolsk, which was made under water.

      Fans who once admired the reverent feelings Presnyakov to his wife. They were touched by such a message to Natalia and was glad that between artists there is never conflict and there is only love and respect for each other.

      “Couldn’t be happier for you guys! Sunny, loving, talented, bright. Let there always be the magnets that you put together, and may the angels cherish your wonderful family!”, “A good couple. Natalia is a beautiful, typey, intelligent, talented, this is not a sin to love. I wish you happiness for many years!”, “And I thought you were always together. Lovely couple. Vladimir real man. Gromada! Natasha herself is feminine. Wish you happiness and love,” left enthusiastic comments subscribers Presnyakov.

      Now in the family of Vladimir and Natalia grows up the long-awaited heir. Parents loved the boy. Despite a tight schedule, they try to spend more time with family. Last year, when Artemy was very young, Presnyakov and Podolsky have decided to go on a vacation without him. However, this holiday has become a real challenge for the couple. Natalia could not find a place and was very upset to be away from his beloved son. In the end they had to interrupt the vacation and return to Moscow. Since then they decided to only travel with the whole family. This summer, Artemije together with parents arrived in Sunny Valencia. Family basking on the Spanish beaches, ate seafood and enjoyed the solitude. Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov bask on the beaches of Spain