Дима Билан потерял 12 килограммов из-за опасной диеты The artist has revised its food and was fascinated by the raw food diet. According to Dima Bilan, his body needed some relief. However, the musician is sure that the negative is his health is not affected.

      Дима Билан потерял 12 килограммов из-за опасной диеты

      Recently, the fans of Dima Bilan began to notice how much he has changed in appearance. Someone decided that the artist simply exhausted after a difficult tour and busy schedule, while others suggested that he deliberately went on a diet. It turned out that the favorite of millions really changed my attitude to nutrition and decided to become a raw-foodists. Dima Bilan explained that the need to cleanse your body and get in shape. According to celebrity, in four months he managed to lose 12 pounds.

      “Decided to unload the touring routine does not promote proper diet, plus in January was the background of gastritis. Eat often, do sports. Try to eat Breakfast cereal,” – explained the singer’s dramatic weight loss.

      The expert familiar with the raw food diet explained “StarHit”, why it makes you sick and leads to premature aging.

      “The main problem for raw foodists – a deficiency of vitamin B12 and iron – micronutrients they need for blood, and the lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids, necessary for building body cells and cholesterol is an important structural element of sex hormones, – has shared with “StarHit” Natalia Smolyakova, a gastroenterologist clinic Mosmed”. – That’s why raw foodists have to monitor those blood counts as the content of folic acid, B12, iron to prevent anemia development. Or they need to constantly use supplements”.

      According to the expert, for people who have this type of food, there are many risks, especially if we are talking about those who regularly have to deal with stress and heavy workload.

      “The lack of iron, which is frequently encountered by raw foodists leads to chronic hypoxia that leads to premature aging of the body, – the expert continues. – Also a raw food diet may provoke an aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If you decide to go on such a diet, you need to do it gradually so the digestive system could be reconstructed. A sharp transition to such a diet is stressful to the body. According to their observations I can say that raw foodists who are not taking any additional supplements look bad. They have dry wrinkled skin, hair fall, damaged teeth, nails… this is Due to the fact that the lack of oxygen the body distributes it in such a way that in the first place are provided with the vital organs. Skin, hair, nails to them does not apply”.