Новый имидж мужа Виктории Дайнеко привел в ужас фанатов Dmitry Kleiman decided on a radical change of image. Many fans were struck by the courage wife Victoria Daineko. The musician made a stylish hairstyle, repainted hair and beard.

      Last spring, the winner of “factory of stars-5 Viktoriya Dayneko married drummer Dmitry Kleiman. As it turned out, the couple was expecting a child, and in the autumn the singer first became a mother.

      Recently, the husband of the famous singer decided on a bold experiment with their own appearance. The man made a stylish haircut, and a beard. But his transformation is not over. Hair Dmitry decided obscelete. Now the drummer wears a new look, and friends and fans trying to get used to the new appearance of the artist.

      “Gray boy here,” – wrote Dmitry and posted a photo, most likely made just after the work of a stylist.

      Many reacted with irony to such changes without much enthusiasm took the new husband of Victoria Daineko. Some have allowed themselves to let go of sarcastic comments and jokes to Kleiman. “Cool! Grandfather Dimon”, “Victoria has filed for divorce?”, “Cool! How did you decide on such an experiment? Daughter know?”, “Dim, you’re Santa?!” – tried to hook subscribers drummer poignant phrases.

      Apparently, Dmitry leaves all the sarcastic phrase without attention. However, now Kleiman will have to regularly paint over the roots of the hair and beard, if he wants to keep the platinum shade of hair.

      It is likely that Victoria is more loyal attitude to the changes in the appearance of her husband. Not so long ago the couple was going through a rough period in the relationship. The singer published in the microblog ambiguous pictures and made them intriguing signature. Many fans began to worry about family happiness is beloved artist and feared that Victoria and Dmitri divorced. However, later Kleiman hastened to reassure the worried fans, saying that about any parting he and his wife do not even think.

      “We are fine – confessed “StarHit” Kleiman. All couples argue, that’s fine. We are a young family, we have a beautiful daughter with her too hard… We all learn something not always turns out… Vika periodically spends the night on his feet, the mood then affected by lack of sleep…. And she’s a temperamental girl. But more than a couple of hours we each other do not take offense. Hence, any separation and especially divorce, and speeches cannot be”.

      Apparently, in the Victoria and Dmitry really all right. Recently they returned from a holiday in Montenegro where took and little daughter. Victoria Dayneko has been the only bikini on vacation