Сын Кристины Орбакайте уезжает из России 18-year-old Denis Baysarov graduated from the international programmes international baccalaureate (IB) and packs his bags to go to the UK. The young man plans to continue the work of the famous mothers and grandmothers and to perform on stage. Instead, the mayor plans to study business.

      Traditionally, at the beginning of September — the start of the school year for many Russian students. But not for the son of Kristina Orbakaite Denis — 18-year-old was recently handed the diploma of the International Baccalaureate program, with which he can enroll in universities abroad. The happy singer said about this joyous event in your Instagram. She also shared with fans that her heir so well passed the exams, what kind of a record. None of the graduates of elite schools “President” in the village of Zhukovka still did not gain this number of points according to results of testing at the end of training.

      “Denis was presented with the diploma and announced that he broke the record for points in the program international baccalaureate (IB) at their school in Moscow,” shared Christina Aguilera in his microblog.

      After graduation Danny plans to study abroad, he reported about it in social networks. “Got his diploma and is ready to go to the UK,” wrote the graduate in Instagram.

      Later the mayor has published in social networks the results of final examinations. In total, he scored 38 points out of 45 possible. Apparently, especially good Denis was given a French language test in this discipline the heir Aguilera put the maximum possible score is seven out of seven. The mayor also did well with the development of curriculum in literature, English language, physics and mathematics. On these subjects he got six points. “Without words. I’m so happy,” commented a diploma the son of the famous singer.

      Earlier Christina Aguilera said “StarHit” what Dani plans to study in the field of “business management”. In late June a young man was sent documents in five high schools, and from everywhere came the positive answer. Apparently, the case remained for small — to provide the admissions Committee recently received a diploma. He Denis told me that will miss my family, but will start a new page in my life. To pass the final examination, he sat for days with the tutorials and ready.

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      Meanwhile, very soon in the first class will youngest daughter Kristina Orbakaite Claudia Zemtsova. Four-year-old heiress celebrities have already tried on uniforms. “The next student on the way,” wrote the star in his microblog.