Рианна не приняла извинения от Snapchat и осудила неудачную рекламу

Advertising mobile application Snapchat has made a lot of noise. Its creators made fun of the case when Chris Brian raised his hand to then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Despite the fact that the developers of Snapchat apologized for a bad joke, the singer did not accept them. Case her madly angered, and she could not keep still.

Рианна не приняла извинения от Snapchat и осудила неудачную рекламу

“Snapchat, I think you already know that you are not among my favorite apps. I just want to understand what was the point of this story. I’d like to call it ignorance, but I know you’re not that stupid. You spent money to make animated characters who deliberately embarrasses those who have become victims of violence, and laughed at them. It’s not about my personal feelings, because not many of them. But you humiliated of children, women and men who are victims of domestic violence,” she wrote and urged all to renounce the use of this app.

After the message, the company gave the answer. Snapchat admits that the advertisement should never have been born. “This is horrible, and she never had to appear in Snapchat. We’ve made a terrible mistake, having looked through it and allowing advertising to appear in the app. We’re investigating this incident to ensure that it won’t happen again,” — wrote the representatives of the company in response to an angry message of the singer.

In the advertisement, the user is prompted to select one of the actions is to slap or hit Rihanna Chris brown. “It’s terrible that someone thinks it’s funny, deems appropriate and approves,” wrote Rihanna. The company removed the ad and apologized: “the Ad was approved and published in error, as contrary to our rules regarding advertising. Sorry about what happened.”

Recall that Chris brown beat Rihanna on the eve of the ceremony “Grammy” in February 2009. That summer, the artist was convicted of domestic violence and appointed a five-year probation and forbidden to approach the ex-girlfriend closer than 50 yards (46 meters).

“I felt like a fucking monster. Of the darling of America I suddenly became an enemy of the state number one,” says in the video, 26-year-old singer. He admits that he barely survived that period: “I thought about suicide. I haven’t slept or ate, and did just that got high.”

It was hard and family of the musician. His mother Joyce Hawkins recalls: “It was the worst day of my life and probably his life too. I feel like I’m losing my son.”