Наталья Водянова о #MeToo, семье и карьере в журнале Porter

Porter magazine interviewed 36-year-old model Natalia Vodianova, which learned about the relation of stars to the movement #MeToo, family and beyond. Photo shoot for the room was held in silver and white.

Наталья Водянова о #MeToo, семье и карьере в журнале Porter

“I don’t relax at the weekend: with five children it is harder to do than on a weekday, but we have a fantastic chaos. We have a great pleasure in all things, be it playing the piano, dancing children playing with a cat, walking on the street, a trip for ice cream and pancakes. We do not make too many plans, and just enjoy.” says Vodianova on his family life.

The model recognizes that had a childhood much worse than that of her children. “When they were little, sometimes say: “I don’t like my bed. I don’t want to sleep in your bed and want to sleep with you.” I answered them: “It’s such a privilege to have his own bed. I shared a bed with my sister for 10 years and dreamed of her own room, own bed and personal life.” Children listen with curiosity, but don’t understand. They still complain, but stop trying to crawl into my bed.” — says the star.

Family responsibilities Vodianova combines with career. She admits that motivates the work of her grandmother, who has become an icon of a granddaughter. “She always did not forget about himself, although he was the most generous person. She has given so much to my family and people around. Were always busy, but at the same time, remember your red lipstick, and always looked amazing. And her house was spotless – it was her perception of who she is and who she wants to be. I definitely want to be the same.”

Modeling career Natalia has become a real salvation. Doing things you love, it distracted from everyday problems faced by in charitable activities. She found her work therapy.

Journalists are not spared, and the question about a sensational movement #MeToo, which is aimed at combating harassment. As a recognized model, she was well protected, so the sexual harassment in my life encountered. Despite this, she supports the motion and believes that it’s time to stop the abuse of high position and power. “Compared to what I hear and read, I really was well protected. But the time has come. People can’t abuse their power. Want the fashion industry was all in the way it is I know. There is no way back we must go forward, and the future is bright. In my opinion, the only problem is how all this will affect creativity, freedom of expression, working with image and video, to fashion.”