Максим Фадеев выставил личную жизнь напоказ
The producer showed, as he celebrated with his wife the anniversary of family life.

? 27 years together!

A post shared by MAXIM FADEEV (@fadeevmaxim) on Mar 16, 2018 at 1:17am PDT

Maxim Fadeev was not used to publicly sharing details of his personal life, but for the sake of his beloved ready for feats. The producer and his wife Natalie celebrated the 27th anniversary of the wedding. To celebrate such an important date Fadeev decided to share a touching video dedicated to his beloved. In this producer showed previously “unreleased” family photo.

“My dear, Natalia! Congratulations on your anniversary. Today we have 27 years together. This period of time. That’s a lot, on the one hand, and quite a few on the other. I really hope you don’t regret having you around. And I really hope that happy”, — congratulated the favorite Maxim.

Fans joined in the congratulations. Fadeev and his wife wished to keep the idyll in relations. “A true husband and a good wife in this life lottery ticket! Not everyone, unfortunately, luck. Appreciate the love, take care of each other!”, “My God … how touching… goosebumps!”, “Behind every great man certainly is a great woman! So, do not get tired to wish you longevity and health and children!” — writing Maxim in the Network.

What happened? Maxim Fadeev suddenly terminated the contracts with all the artists

Natalia supports a Maxim in everything, including in decisions related to his employment. On the eve of the Fadeev announced the closure of its production center. Now he heads a music label MALFA, and all wards of the artists became his partners, and now on equal terms with him will make important decisions related to career. This is the first experience of such a relationship between artists and producer in Russia.