Resident “Comedy Club” for the first time, told how he survived the death of his daughter

Резидент «Comedy Club» впервые рассказал, как пережил смерть дочери Participant of the Duet Chekhov remembered the tragedy that happened in his family. His successor died at the age of eight from cancer. Anton lirnyk could not accept the loss. The artist has immersed herself in work to avoid thinking about the incident.

      Резидент «Comedy Club» впервые рассказал, как пережил смерть дочери

      Resident of the popular project “Comedy Club” Anton lirnyk was loved by the audience for his performances in “Duet Chekhov. Despite the fact that on stage, the comedian bright sparks aside, his life had to face real grief. The first time he got married quite early, at 22, had a daughter Mary. The lyre in the air of the program “Frankly with Masha Efrosinina” told about the tragedy that happened in his family. When her daughter was eight years old, she was diagnosed with a tumor in the underlying cells of the brain. In order to cure cancer, the girl had to undergo surgery. However, it was unable to recover after surgery and soon died. For Anton and his wife Tatyana it was a heavy blow. Lirnyk for a long time could not cope with the pain of losing a beloved child.

      “There is no way to survive it. It’s impossible. It is impossible to survive. You can only get used to the idea. Well, somehow, she just needs the ashes to settle in his chest. And there is no other way, you never stop to think about it. The worst thing in this situation is to look for reasons. I for a long time, many years, tried to forbid myself to think about the fact that there is a reason. It doesn’t have a reason. This is the most important thing that should remember everyone who passes through this, through this”, – said the resident of “Comedy Club”.
      Резидент «Comedy Club» впервые рассказал, как пережил смерть дочери

      The artist did everything possible to at least for a time to escape from the destructive thoughts, literally ate him from the inside. Anton was necessary to create such conditions in which it will be time for meditation and memories. The celebrated entertainer said that one way to switch saw the alcohol, but it did not help.

      “My friends pulled me back to life. As soon as I returned to Kiev, they instantly threw me in the work. And to any who just tucks under the arm. I’m probably as much never worked in my life as when I was filming something, somewhere, edited, directed, where someone wrote some scripts, I slept two or three hours a day. It was hard to sleep, and as soon as the head ceases something to think about, relaxes you instantly go back to the same thoughts of killing you. Work distracted me. Slept in the editing room, on the floor, close to the mounting panel, woke up again, worked, ate, worked, fell asleep again immediately. I made the plaid, even home did not return”, – said Anton Maria in the program.
      Резидент «Comedy Club» впервые рассказал, как пережил смерть дочери

      The lyre admitted that after the death of his daughter, his relationship with his wife deteriorated. The couple were at an impasse, out of which none of them had ever seen. The tragedy led to the fact that they could not meet and look into each other’s eyes. Now, according to Anton, they almost do not communicate. Rare meetings are very painful for both, so they keep the relationship mostly through their parents.

      “Our relationship has already been spoiled to have stalled. And the death of Masha, she just was the event after which we could not meet and look into each other’s eyes. For a very long time so we just stopped seeing each other. And still when you meet that happens very rarely. Each time painful. She lives in another country. She maintains the relationship with my parents. But we rarely talk to each other”

      For a long time Anton was afraid to establish relationships with women, afraid to have children. Fear of losing favorite the heirs are stuck in it so deeply that he did not seek to re-create a family. However, he married a second time. Married with Valeria Borodina had a daughter Sophia, photos of which often appear in his microblog. However, the relationship with his second wife didn’t last long. After breaking up with the mother of his daughter Sonia showman re-married a charming girl, Marina.

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