Алла Пугачева продемонстрировала шалости сына Russian pop star doted in their three year old twins Lisa and Harry. The singer has shared with fans a new video with the participation of the son, which caused a storm of emotion among its subscribers.

      Алла Пугачева продемонстрировала шалости сына

      Thousands of followers of the page of Alla Pugacheva in the “instagrame” watching what is happening in the life of a star, her husband Maxim Galkin and their young children Harry and Lisa. Diva decided to show how children dabble and play at home.

      The star has posted on his page a video in which her three year old son tries to climb into a wicker basket with Christmas decorations. The boy was old enough, but he manages to fit in such a small area. Climbing with the feet in the basket, the boy along with her lover. Standing next to a nanny who watches the antics of the baby and helps him to his feet. Harry laughs so that his cheeks are dimpled as the Pope.

      Alla Pugacheva has shared a touching family photo

      Fans Pugacheva and Galkin noted that the boy is very grown up. “Gorgeous baby, beautiful”, “What is the wisdom of perception – not to interfere, but to observe and gently suggest”, “What a beautiful boy, a clever boy, a real man doesn’t cry” – such nice comments left by subscribers of the pages of prima donnas.

      Video posted by ALLA PUGACHEVA PHOTOS & VIDEOS (@allaprimadonna) May 23 2016 1:27 PDT

      The children Pugacheva and Galkina are growing very talented. Star dad repeatedly told that son is a very independent boy. “Stood and patched the roof of a toy house, so she does not leak. All their actions, he always accompanies the review, however, not all words (except me and Alla) understandable to others. And here’s a picture: Lisa on bike rides to the Garik, long stares at him and says: “Garik works, and Lisa’s beautiful!” Rarely hear such a paradoxical sentence from the mouth of a child”, – said Maxim in an interview.

      According to the circle of the couple, Lisa is very similar to the mother. When the familiar stars, Dmitry Dibrov with his wife, visited castle Pugacheva and Galkin in the village of Mud, they noted that there is indescribable atmosphere of warmth and kindness. “Lisa sociable and musical, Harry brooding. Wonderful family. Real”, – Dibrova so the wife described the children of Alla and Maxim. Children Dubrovich met with Alla Pugacheva

      Lisa and Harry was born in September 2013. Parents loved in a charming babies. In interviews, Pugacheva has repeatedly said that as soon as Lisa and Harry grow up, they will definitely going to study at her school.

      Алла Пугачева продемонстрировала шалости сына

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