Юристы признали иск Бритни Спирс к омскому режиссеру подделкой The day before the singer became a member of another sex scandal. The pop star filed a lawsuit against the Russian, who mentioned her in his short film “Comrade.” In one scene of the film discuss Britney in a sexual context.

      Юристы признали иск Бритни Спирс к омскому режиссеру подделкой

      Britney Spears sparked a new trial. Recently, the Russian media spread information that the singer filed a lawsuit against the Director, an Amateur from Omsk Mikhail Matvienko with the requirement to pay her 3 million dollars.

      The Creator of the short film “Comrade” in one of the scenes showed characters who discuss who they would like to enter into an intimate relationship. Another girl they call Britney Spears. It is noteworthy that on the background on the wall hang posters of pop stars. After the video hit the net, a link to the video Matvienko sent out to many foreign celebrities.

      Some time later, the Director showed a statement from Britney, demanding she be compensated for sexual harassment. So star took the dialogue of the characters. “In the film the main characters are vulgar and obscene dialogue about who they would like to rape me or Katy Perry,” reads the statement of the singer.

      However, this situation has raised numerous questions from lawyers. Spears signed the letter does not coincide with its present. It is expected that Matvienko himself had forged the entire document, putting the autograph of the star and putting the address. It turned out that the coordinates of the sending of the claim correspond to one of the hotels in Las Vegas and not home, where she lives with her family pop star. Further doubt has caused a simple e-mail address from which the letter came with a claim – [email protected].

      Юристы признали иск Бритни Спирс к омскому режиссеру подделкой

      According to experts, the man was not hard to fake a claim. He paid the state duty of 300 roubles, the payment receipt indicated the name of Spears, and Bank employees not checked in this column. Lawyers say that even if the suit was real, it would not be able to consider according to the norms of the Russian legislation, the statement would have had the American side.

      Taking into consideration all these discrepancies, many have suggested that the way Mikhail Matvienko wanted to draw public attention to his socially critical film. The short film tells the story of two factory workers. One of the characters wants to go to the US and to fly in space, and the current life reminded him jail. The characters in the movie eat dog food and live in a cluttered apartment. All the dialogues in the film shows the hopelessness of the workers. At the end of the film, the main character commits suicide.

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