Калашникова посвятила Шаляпину первую песню Model released the single “Two planets”. In it she talked about the fact that she cares about your pain she experienced after breaking up with Prokhorov. It is symbolic that the new product came out that day, when I was supposed to be married girls with the singer.

      Калашникова посвятила Шаляпину первую песню

      Anna Kalashnikova hard going through a breakup with her fiance Prokhor Chaliapin. Young people broke off relations after the singer learned that is not biologicheskim the father of the child model. Son Kalashnikova was not born from Chaliapin

      To tell others about their feelings and the pain that people feel when breaking up with your loved ones, Kalashnikov recorded the debut single “Two planets”. It is symbolic that the release of the track took place that day, which a few months ago, Prokhorov and Anna had planned the wedding.

      “It was very hard to record this song, very painful, literally had tears in his eyes. This song was supposed to be ours with Prokhorov wedding Duo, we put on her elegant dance, very long time rehearsing and even filmed part of the video for our wedding rehearsal. Really wanted to submit a clip to the guests at our wedding. The song means a lot to me, because it gave us my brother Konstantin Kalashnikov last year, when Prokhorov was going to propose to me. She was always there for us and was supposed to be only ours. We kept postponing her entry and decided, finally, that song is perfect for wedding duet, when Prokhorov officially proposed to me in February,” said Anna.
      Калашникова посвятила Шаляпину первую песню

      The girl added that the track was even sent back for revision to Alexey Malakhov and Sergei Grachev. To record songs Anna and Prokhorov were to start together, but they did not work, so they broke up.

      “Today, 24 may, the day was scheduled for my wedding with a loved one, I want to present it to the court your fans and listeners. It was all my pain, the soul and the most pure, sincere emotions. I believe that music can not lie,” – said Kalashnikov.

      Recall that Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova have planned along wedding ceremony in 2015. The couple managed to rehearse the ceremony. According to the scenario of the wedding, the hall was supposed to be a bird with a five-meter wingspan made of glass. It was under her Anya and Prokhorov were to seal the knot. Rings lovers, too, were decorated with images of birds Phoenix and made Uvelir Moskow. To celebrate the wedding in the restaurant Anna and Prochorus had to take the carriage. Chaliapin and Kalashnikov lost millions because of cancelled wedding

      After the news that Daniel was not his child, Prokhor decided not to get married. The singer then decided to move away from all friends and start over with a clean slate.”Today I can’t forgive Anya. The worst thing is that suffering of an innocent baby. I am ready to communicate with family Ani, and with the child, because it is not foreign to me. I don’t know how to respond to what makes Anya, she said a set of incomprehensible and incoherent words. Anya and I are drowning in shame. No wedding will not be”, – said the singer in front of thousands of viewers.

      Калашникова посвятила Шаляпину первую песню

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