Replaced the image of Anna Shulgin has entertained nightclub

Сменившая имидж Анна Шульгина развлекла гостей ночного клуба The daughter of singer Valeria, was celebrated the 24th anniversary. The feast in honour of Anna Shulgina passed in one of capital restaurants. The event brought together relatives of the artist. Birthday girl very pleased with the guests of the evening performance on the stage with a solo.
Сменившая имидж Анна Шульгина развлекла гостей ночного клуба

The singer and actress Anna Shulgin said of his 24th birthday. The girl gathered friends and family in the suburban club at the holiday party in his honor. The birthday girl appeared at the ceremony in leather skirt Burgundy color and a white blouse with a plunging neckline. The image was complemented by a stylish lace-up with fur trimming.

Since the morning the girl began to congratulate happy birthday the users of social networks and her family. Mother of actress Valeria one of the first to leave nice words for my daughter.

Сменившая имидж Анна Шульгина развлекла гостей ночного клуба“How fortunate that I have you, my only daughter. Endlessly happy for you, proud of you. Know that you now have a new, very interesting band in my life. Enjoy creativity, be healthy and feminine and happy. Like very-very,” wrote the artist in the social network.

In the midst of the celebration, Anna decided to please the guests and took the stage to sing Rihanna Bich Better Have My Money with which she had previously participated in the show “Just Exactly”. Fans were thrilled after seeing the video of the event.

“Now the body, when he hears it automatically recalls the gestures and the room in General. Yesterday was a lovely evening. Lit on the stage and the dance floor absolutely everybody,” said Shulgin in the microblog.
Сменившая имидж Анна Шульгина развлекла гостей ночного клуба

Many fans of the singer admire her sense of style, and some claim that the girl has all chances to break through in the West. Most followers of the girl said that she said goodbye to long hair.

“Got a haircut? Great, you go,” “do Not mind the hair cut?” “You look great”, “Anka! You’re crazy! Cut your hair!” – discussed changes to the Network users.

Guests of the evening were Valeria, Iosif Prigozhin, ex-wife of the producer, Leila Fattakhova with daughter Lisa and friends of the artist. Girl loves to meet with his family in his free time, since she lives alone.

“Home for me as a phone charger. This is my place of power, then I feed off the energy, so try that strangers did not get here,” said Shulgin “StarHit” after moving to a separate apartment. Anna Shulgina moved to the shelter of the bachelor. PHOTO