Natalya Varley was saved by Bari Alibasov from hunger

Наталья Варлей спасла Бари Алибасова от голода Celebrity pampered of other homemade pastries. Natalya Varley lived for many years next to the famous producer Bari by Alibasova. According to men, the actress often rescued him.
Наталья Варлей спасла Бари Алибасова от голода

Master sportswoman, Komsomolka and just beauty of the country, June 22, marks 70 years. Played in more than fifty paintings Natalya Varley today spends all his time on his beloved dacha outside Moscow, where her house is often visited by sons Alexander and Vasily with his grandson Eugene. Company country life actress be her favorite eight cats – the star of life had a weakness for mustache. About passion to Varley recalls her four-legged good friend Bari Alibasov.

Наталья Варлей спасла Бари Алибасова от голодаIn the ‘ 90s, Natasha was a neighbors. She lived on the floor beneath me, and I often gave her the inconvenience that flooded her apartment. Sometimes, the water running in the bathroom so she recruited, and go to music on the computer listen. Or even go to sleep… Then I hear: the doorbell rang, and on the threshold she is Natasha. Well said, dear Bari, you drown me again? Well as you can! Tellingly, she never on me, the fool, didn’t swear – Zhurilo, but certainly kind. And I’m in the few years that he lived in the neighborhood, ten times her apartment flooded, no less. However, always behaved like a gentleman paid for her repair. Hide, so to speak, the traces of the crime.

We often visited each other at the party – loved to talk about this and that, laugh, talk about music, because she herself sings. Natasha never came with empty hands, always spoiled me with her delicious pies – with meat, cabbage, egg… As it came by with groceries, fed me. Looked around the kitchen and asks: say, something you food does not smell. The last time you sat at the table? I joked: Yes, all the money for your repairs spent, not with what products to stock. Although it is actually cooking, and I especially never could, and the women in my house longer than three months in that period is not delayed. The friend laughed, shook his head disapprovingly… Left, and after a couple of hours again the doorbell rang – Natasha brought a pot of borscht. That said, barter: I – repair, I – food. And lived… somehow, I remember, I was seriously scared her cats. Varley was on tour, and I was once again staged at her house falls. She came, calling me: “Come, see what my guys have done.” Went down, and there is oil painting! In cats panic all jump from the Cabinet to the wardrobe, meow, squeak, snort,” says Alibasov.

Наталья Варлей спасла Бари Алибасова от голода

That Natalia always very worried for the animals – and for their, and others ‘ – says her close friend, singer Alex Serdinov, with whom she sang a duet song “let’s forgive each other”.

“In the’ 90s, when I met Natasha, she had 13 cats, says the artist. The names she gave them the simplest: Duska, muska… the Exception was Tendin – favorite Varley. The history of the emergence of cats in the apartment Natasha were different: one on the street picked up, other friends gave, third from under the car pulled out barely alive. Well, she could not leave our brother in less trouble!”
Наталья Варлей спасла Бари Алибасова от голода

“With her on the Playground at that time lived the soloist of group “on-On” Vladimir Asimov, he also had a cat. About the animal he did not particularly care: the tour will take and the poor pet will forget the apartment to be let in, and he goes on the floor, screaming from hunger… she began to feed him, stuck to him. After some time Dylan moved out and actually threw the cat in the lurch. Heart Varley could not stand the sight wandering across the site of a mustache, and she took him to her. Remember we are on the threshold of summer I transported the cats from the apartment to the cottage. “Summer camp,” joked Natasha. It could be a torn stomach from laughing. Cost one tailed to put in the cage, the others, alarmed by his cries, who was hiding somewhere on the mezzanine, under the bed… Mainly on the collection and inserting into the cells was the youngest son of actress Sasha. Natasha gave “orders” – well, you see muska hiding in the fridge, catch it. And then we’re in my “seven” took them under monotone meow city… All guests Varley left her deep in wool. Everyone knew, if you go to Natasha, the black better not to wear,” celebrity.

“She once offered to give her unnecessary clothes my aunt who lived in Ulyanovsk. Compile the package, I gave them to cousin. And then she laughingly told me that a few days cleared things, assured that there is wool on a pair of socks would be enough. I also always liked the unique sense of humor Natasha. With her light hand, I had a nickname. Remember, acted with her in a house of culture and the concert organizers misspelled my name on the poster – Hrdinov is Serdinov. Natasha came into the dressing room and says: “Lesh, there with me some Acticin have to sing, do you know this?” – Alexey told.