Maria Pogrebnyak took mother in law to a plastic surgeon

Мария Погребняк отвела свекровь к пластическому хирургу The mother of the famous football player younger by 20 years. Maria Pogrebnyak decided to make a relative such a gift. She is also the wife of the athlete tries to always monitor their appearance.
Мария Погребняк отвела свекровь к пластическому хирургу

The wife of the football player and designer Maria Pogrebnyak is known not only for their stunning outfits, but surprisingly strong family rear. With her husband Paul she is familiar from school, they had growing up three children. Blonde enjoys good relations with the relatives of the wife – she gets on well with mother-in-law Larissa. Masha periodically pleases the relative different presents on the day, for example, paid for her treatments at the famous plastic surgeon Nut Babayan.

“Mom made a few beauty shots. And also adjusted the shape of the face using threads. I would certainly have entrusted it only to the ultimate professional. Nut came highly recommended by my friends. In particular, Anna Kalashnikov, which he removed postpartum scars,” – said Maria “StarHit”.
Мария Погребняк отвела свекровь к пластическому хирургу

Itself the wife of a footballer is very closely monitoring their own appearance. She always tries to look luxurious for her husband. Paul loves his wife when she wears high heel shoes. Maria admitted that he even buys her shoes. Maria Pogrebnyak: “I have to walk on high heels for her husband”

Мария Погребняк отвела свекровь к пластическому хирургу“The husband can still tolerate running shoes, but these pumps… Pasha seems that it’s not sexy for girls. And the heel of my shoes must be at least 16 inches. When my husband buys me shoes, he measures the height. If less than the agreed time, shoes it takes. It tastes good, he knows my size that love can take even the same model, just different colors,” admitted designer “StarHit”.

Fans also admire the fact that celebrities are able to maintain your normal weight. Many believe that Maria is sitting on a rigid diet to stay slim. However, Pogrebnyak denies these rumors – she says that she’s got great genes. “Yes, I know that in social networks people call me anorexic. But believe me, if I was anorexic, where I had so much energy, so much energy and good skin? Mom thinks I’ve always been thin, but she flatters me,” said Maria.