Renata Livinova shared the truth about plastic surgery

Рената Ливинова поделилась правдой о пластической операции Actress and Director was justified for charges for surgical intervention. Fans trying to understand the secret of your beauty, Renata Litvinova, who looks so young at 50. The celebrity said that helps her to maintain a flawless appearance.

      Actress and Director Renata Litvinova is a great delight for his fans. Many consider her a real style icon and take her example. Some also wonder that the woman always looks fresh and taut, despite his age. Sometimes Litvinov accused that the secret of her youth lies in plastic surgery, which she prefers to keep silent. However, the celebrity believes that it is possible to do without surgery thanks to modern cosmetology.

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      “Despite some scary rumors, I can pass examination, that I did not make any braces, it would be seen. I go to a favorite beautician. Do the maximum care, trying some creams. Still there comes a time when you can’t fight gravity, you need something to do. There are ways and technologies that help avoid braces and other radical measures. Go to the procedure and when there is time for the sport,” says Litvinov.

      The actress cares for the skin not only in the beauty parlor but also at home. Renata admitted that she has a lot of different creams that help to maintain the beauty without visiting salons. Also Litvinova believes that it is important to take care of yourself not only by using special means, but also to follow the diet and lifestyle in General.

      “Home care should be done regularly. And of course, it is better not to contaminate yourself from the inside out. Do not drink a bad drink, not eat fried, fast food. I can’t talk about restrictions. You can not eat meat, and for some it will be fine, but for someone not all scary individually,” – says celebrity.

      Despite the fact that Renata Litvinova kept busy in various projects, she tries from time to time to retire, to relax. The artist believes that excessive fatigue are detrimental to health.

      “We need to protect ourselves from stress. I taught myself that at some point you have to stop and take it easy. Because if you have no health, nobody wants you. Well, except that your parents, loved ones. And it is not always” – Frank Renate said in an interview