Mischa Barton was unable to pay for the hotel stay in Beverly hills

Миша Бартон не смогла рассчитаться за пребывание в отеле Беверли-Хиллз

Misfortune falling on the head of Hollywood actress Mischa Barton. A nervous breakdown, sexually explicit video from the personal archive, which fell into the hands of cybercriminals, another celebrity failed to pay off the credit card in the Beverly hills hotel because she was blocked by the Bank.

The actress stayed at the hotel Bel-air just one day when it became known that to pay for their stay or enjoy some SPA services, she can’t. The paparazzi took the picture when Mike asked again and again to check her credit card – the woman could not believe that that is invalid.
As a rule, in such cases, the hotel Manager calls the police to investigate on the spot, in the case of Misha, they tried to agree amicably. Soon, the hotel approached the car. Mike left, leaving their belongings in the lobby, and soon returned, apparently having received money from the driver of the arriving car. Who it was remains unknown. Barton took his things and left in an unknown direction in a taxi.