Madonna has got a new love toy

Мадонна завела новую любовную игрушку

American singer Madonna, who plunged into motherhood, and herself the last few months were devoted to their children and the adoption of new, decided to find a distraction from family hustle and bustle and found it in the person of Abubakar Sumaworo. A young man, a new love affair artist for more than three decades younger than his star girlfriend.

As reported by the Western media, the black guy looks so young that it may be a friend of Madonna’s son Rocco, that, however, is her style. Over the past ten years lovers of the singer was completely black and very young, 58-year-old actress does not care.
“Madonna loves these colorful young guys, and he absolutely fits her type. She’s already told his friends that in bed “he’s a real fire”” said the insider, and added that the relationship with your new boyfriend remain secret. It is known to very few, only his name. Who is he and where no one from the environment of the Madonna does not know, but the singer has already allowed him to become a part of your life and accompany in Malawi, where she adopted two girls, Esther and Stella. Whether it was the decision of the guy or the singer insisted – is still unknown.
“When you meet a star, like Madonna, you are obliged to do what she says. In some kind you become her property,” said the insider.