Johnny Depp has a new passion

У Джонни Деппа появилась новая пассия

Western media reported that Hollywood actor johnny Depp, star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which last year experienced a painful and full of scandals divorce with his young wife amber heard, the planned new novel. Love interest johnny dupe to the woman, his Junior by thirty years – 23-year-old actress Lucy Boynton.

The pair met on the set of the film “Murder on the Orient Express” and, according to insiders, between the novel begins.
“Johnny was absolutely charmed by Lucy. They spend a lot of time together outside the set and no one doubts that they were doing it,” said the insider.
“Unlike amber, Lucy’s more down to earth, and she will not close eyes on the behavior of johnny. Clearly, it is much more suitable for him.
Johnny took time to recover after amber, and now he’s ready to date again with someone, and Lucy is perfect in his understanding of woman. She is not interested in his money or fame, she does not need patronage in Hollywood, which demanded amber. This is a common simple and very sweet girl with a great sense of humor,” said a second source close to Depp.
As it became known, rush with the Roman pair is not going as not going to tell the media. While Depp has called Lucy “the coolest chick he haven’t met”.