Виктория Боня обустраивается в Лос-Анджелесе Apparently, a woman is going to settle in America. Earlier, Victoria Bonya picked luxury housing, but now has defined the daughter in a local school. Fans of celebrity admire her independence and organization.

      Some time ago, TV presenter and model Victoria Bonya hinted to fans on the move to Los Angeles. The celebrity shared her picture made in her new home than confirmed the speculation of the fans. Members Bonnie and have always suspected that she plans to settle in America, because the woman has been there for a few weeks. Victoria later shared another story from his life, leaving no doubt of the public. Bonia told about what was attached to daughter angelina Letizia at a local school.

      Victoria Bonia showed luxury living in Hollywood

      “I’m a big fan of sleep, but I can say that CA affects me quite the opposite. In Los Angeles a pleasure to get up early. Morning enough energy for the whole day and still have time to do very much. Today identified angelina in the French school, went to gymnastics and now in a hurry for dinner,” shared the woman.

      Fans of Bonnie found that she is in excellent shape, and wrote her many compliments. “You look amazing”, “Beauty”, “So good, she moved, picked up the house and studied all the necessary. Learn people”, “good Luck”, “Happy for you. Like when telling about something positive”, “Good mood”, “Victoria, you have done a great job. Always admired you as a person”, “Brave”, “You so pretty” – discussing social media users.

      Earlier, Victoria has repeatedly shared their emotions of being in Los Angeles. According to the women, she loves a weekend in the city. “You can spend all day in the restaurant, which has a garden, an outdoor pool and a great view,” said Bonia. Moreover, the star says he feels at home here.

      “I have a feeling that I’ve always lived in this city and never left home”, – shared the celebrity.

      By the way, not so long ago the heiress of Victoria Boni celebrated his birthday. Angelina Leticia was five years old. On this occasion, the woman threw a party in America. The event, hosted by Bonneuil, visited her family and friends. Apparently, the father is congratulated on the eve of baby: it is known that she spent the holidays together with Alex Servicom. Despite the fact that angelina’s parents split up, they continue to maintain good relations among themselves.