Renata Litvinova explained why he took the daughter from Russia

Рената Литвинова объяснила, почему увезла дочь из России

We all know that since last year the life of Renata Litvinova split into life in Russia and life in Paris. Actress and Director has acquired abroad a luxury apartment and moved to his daughter Elsie, who is now a student of the French school.

The decision to give her daughter the education abroad Renata explains very simply: “In the Russian school, she was miserable. Every time I go in the fight, and then we can do lessons till twelve o’clock, some stupid formal tests, and knowledge were not, reading books and Hiking in the Museum also didn’t have time. So what are this training if growing a child is uneducated, the oppressed. One boy hung himself in front of the control… And the boys three times less, than girls. Something about this also have to do! Girls must now compete for their attention? – outraged Renata. – I believe that you still need to temper the child, and boys in General need to let go of the skirt and it is important to teach respect and admire a woman, her door open, to give up the place, stand up when included, at least! God, after all this, nobody makes younger, so I’ve talked about this!”.

By the way Juliana not only looks very similar to mom, but doing the same thing. Girl tries himself in the movie, of course, in mom’s projects. According to Litvinova, daughter of the fine: “we had a very heavy shooting days, seventeen hours, Juliana was just a hero. She is very employable. My daughter struck me, in a good way.”

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