Шинейд О’Коннор нашлась в Facebook

The famous Irish singer Sinead O’connor recently again made the experience of their fans. The fact that the performer was missing, because Chicago police had to find her, to find out if she’s okay (corresponding to assignment law enforcement agencies have received from the Irish authorities have asked the relatives of the artist, as it is in Chicago it was last seen).

A lot of time spent searching was not. The singer found herself…virtual. On his page on the social network Facebook Sinead published a post about the independence of Ireland, thereby making it clear that she is alive and healthy.

“AndIrlandia now officially belongs to the UK. I congratulate every man, woman and child who ever died for Irish freedom and all those considering themselves who were driven ruthlessly the so-called free Irish expression of support Chinnu Fanu and national movement”, — stated in the post.

To finish the letter, O’connor decided the message that life to end, she was not going to and from the bridge do not jump: “Oh yeah, by the way, this is complete garbage that I jumped off the bridge”.

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