60-летняя Вупи Голдберг сделала свое первое селфи

Many aged stars like our own, and foreign, have accounts in various social networks. Thus celebrities trying to expand their audience of fans. It is worth saying that most of it turns out quite successfully.

Despite the popularity of social networks, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg didn’t think she needed, because she lived her life, never making even a selfie, a phenomenon that has spread thanks to social networks.

To rectify the situation and to help the 60-year-old star to make first in his life, samfoto” decided to lead the evening show “The Tonight Show” Jimmy Fallon.

During the preparation for a selfie Goldberg admitted that he never used the front camera of the phone, and have no idea what means “duckface”. The actress was sure that’s the name of the person, not the face.

How it looked from the outside, look at the video:

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