Remembering Yuri Bogatyrev: friends of the life and death of the artist

Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста In 2017, the famous actor could celebrate their anniversary. 28 years after his death, the circle of Yuri Bogatyrev continues to talk about him. Close stars of theatre and film I admire the work and talent of men, and can’t believe his early departure from life.

      Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста

      Today marks 70 years since the death of people’s artist of the RSFSR Yuri Bogatyrev. The man died in the 42nd year of life, 2 Feb 1989 in Moscow. That fateful night Bogatyrev had a heart attack. Arrived on a scene the brigade “first aid” was introduced to actor clonidine, proved incompatible with the antidepressants that addicted male. As a result, celebrities have stopped heart.


      28 years after the death of a star film and theatre, his friends continue to share memories of the loved one. So, Stanislav Sadalsky has told about one of the Hobbies of Yuri Bogatyrev. The actor revealed that his buddy liked to draw and was talented, but not recognized by the artist. By the way, the first exhibition of works by Yuri Bogatyrev was opened on 6 February 1989 in the House-Museum Yermolova. He did not live to see this long-awaited event just a few days.

      “Yura was a connoisseur of painting, a true connoisseur. It is now saying that he is a genius, a real underrated artist, held exhibitions of his published albums. And then… He painted my portrait in a few minutes… And I almost lost him…” – shared Sadalsky in his blog.
      Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста

      Friends Bogatyrev believed that the hobby of painting was a continuation of his acting career. Yury Bogatyrev agree with the opinion of loved ones, and willingly admitted that it does not compete with well-known artists. Man and to think that over time the critics will appreciate his work. “I paint people, with whom he studied, worked, met, and composition on the theme of favorite literary and dramatic works. In no way I dare not claim for professionalism, and my pictures can serve, perhaps, only the touches to the portrait of the artist. Peering into people’s faces or pondering over the pages of literary works using paper and paint, I would “continue” the acting profession”, – said the man.

      “It’s like he had the ability to “pull” some inner property of the person inaccessible to the views of others,” – said the TV channel “Culture” Irina Gamula, chief curator of the state theatrical Museum named after Bakhrushin.
      Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста

      However, Bogatyrev different some domestic disorder. Friends of the actor revealed that he does not load themselves with work on the farm. All my free time, the artist preferred to devote to the art.

      “He was always a busy way of life and either draw or read or talked. He came out in some Parvana robe, and there was a feeling that this character is going. He was making scrambled eggs so that she looked like a painting,” said Director Joseph Raihelgauz.
      Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста

      I wonder what Yuri Bogatyrev for a long time preferred to live in a theatrical hostel. That’s where he was returning from secular parties and receptions. The artist moved there in 1981, when he was awarded the title of honored artist of the RSFSR. Then the actor gave a one-room apartment on the street Gilyarovskogo.


      Nikita Mikhalkov became the Director opened Yuri Bogatyrev for the cinema. The young actor played a German in his thesis painting “a Quiet day at the end of the war”, released in 1970. “Yura Bogatyrev is a wonderful, stunning, great Russian artist. We can only regret that he didn’t do much and too soon gone,” said Mikhalkov in a plot of TV channel “Culture”.

      In further cooperation with Nikita Sergeyevich continued. In 1974 the Soviet audience watched the film “home among strangers, stranger among friends” in which Yuri Bogatyrev has played the iconic role of a security officer Yegor Shilov. For millions of fans of cinema this courageous and “hot” the character became a superhero, not inferior to the modern “X-Men”: he confidently stayed in the saddle and easily perform various stunts.

      Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста


      According to the recollections of friends Bogatyrev, the famous actor had anything to do with his famous Shilov.

      “He was like a child. He had a fuzz of beard he “boosted”. By nature he was soft, reverent, heart, pulsing like a feather in the wind. Blow, and he soars into the air,” – told reporters the actor Sergey Shakurov.
      Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста

      Friends of the actor also told reporters that he as if had a premonition of his death. But then the surrounded by movie stars and the theater did not take his words seriously. In the program “secrets of the stars” close Bohatyryova told about what was bugging him.

      “I went to him, stood up. Found the apartment number, I call, nobody answers. Watching: the door is not locked. I see that he is sitting on the carpet in the middle of the room, drunk, in tears. Says: “I will die soon,” shared a friend of the star Yevgeny Steblov.
      Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста

      The words of the actor confirms the Director and classmate of Yuri Bogatyrev, Konstantin Raikin. “He always said dies early. I thought he was “interethnical” and says witticism. Jure was typical to do such “seleuchi” – shared the star of the cinema and theatre.

      Friends knew about the vulnerability Yuri Bogatyrev, suffered all my life from the fact that he was not like everyone else. Environment men tried to support him in difficult times and remember that the artist required a very careful treatment to yourself. “He needed the compliments, the applause, the enthusiasm. Then he modestly lowered his eyes and said, “You exaggerate,” – said fellow actor Victor Merezhko.

      “A little, just a little. Pictures, roles, rehearsals, friends, communication. You a little praise, a little admire you, few of you watching,” he shared in turn, a friend of Yuri Bogatyrev Joseph Raihelgauz.
      Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста

      Some close Bogatyrev considered him a big baby. This view was held, for example, the lawyer Andrei Popov, who talked with the actor in the last four years of his life. According to another celebrity, Yuri Bogatyrev was very calm and tried not to get involved in scandals because it went against his nature. “I didn’t hear it at all with anyone once fought, in my memory of such episodes was not. He knew how to compromise, negotiate, and was absolutely non-conflict person,” – said the old man.

      According to Andrei Mikhailovich, his buddy worked very long on each role. Bogatyrev seemed believable in all his characters. A man calls a work of the famous actor “Titanic”. His words were confirmed by Nikita Mikhalkov. “He took to it in the wind,” says the Director. For one of the roles a staunch vegetarian meat tasted, and since then forgot about diet.


      It is worth noting that the star of cinema and theatre was fortunate to work with many of the most beautiful Actresses of her time, including Anastasia Vertinskaya, Elena Nightingale and Svetlana Kryuchkova. The feelings of Yuri Bogatyrev his mates were Platonic: to offer them something more than friendship, he could not. The artist likened women goddesses. While the natural delicacy and sensitivity did not allow him to reveal all.

      Only years Bogatyrev realized that he was not like everyone else. This realization literally pressed into the man, who preferred to “treat” problems with alcohol.

      “Yura’s “discovery” was made very late, has grown in it, as it’s very painful… He suffered a lot for this reason… Drinking, doing drunk stupid things, which then insanely suffered and which he was ashamed. It made him more like a complex of guilt. The current stars are even proud of it. Now even people of normal orientation is with pleasure that pretend to be homosexuals – it is fashionable, practical – they’re friendly to each other…” – said in an interview with the Director Alexander Adabashyan.
      Вспоминая Юрия Богатырева: друзья о жизни и смерти артиста


      In recent years, Yuri Bogatyrev ceased to struggle with excess weight and suffered from hypertension. The artist would often call friends and complain about life. Some of them believed that man’s got work in the theatre, which was too heavy for the sensitive artist. “He was very wounded,” – said Alexander Kalyagin.

      Some believed that the warrior seemed tired himself. Every day he played other people’s passions, and after going on stage suffering from their. Actor everywhere seemed taunts and condemnation from strangers. Friends of the actor say that he could humiliate even the “wrong” eye or turn of the head.

      “He called me and said, “Sweetale, I’m sitting here alone. Old, fat, useless”. And it was not bravado and flirtatiousness. He felt,” – said the actress Svetlana Kryuchkova.

      Among the Intrusive nightmares Bogatyrev was a dream that the audience mock him. The actor there were days when he despised himself. Artist suffered from that was not similar to those around him.

      “Natasha Gundareva said he could drink and come to her in tears. He said: “I despise everything, there’s nothing I can do.” She said: “You yourself made it up, no you did nothing wrong”. It all grew gradually. Over time, he disappeared inner harmony. He was in constant conflict with themselves, and it seemed to him that his dislike, treat him with prejudice or negatively. He built a wall around itself and imagined that it was built outside”, – said Alexander Adabashyan.

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