Alla Pugacheva asked to share a special elixir

Аллу Пугачеву просят поделиться особым эликсиром New the Diva has managed to make a lot of noise in the Network. Many felt that the actress looks better than usual. Fans of Alla I wonder how she manages to maintain freshness and youth.

      Alla Pugacheva has caused a heated discussion among fans. In the photo you posted on Instagram a friend of the people’s artist Marina Yudashkin, 67-year-old singer looks amazing.

      Postroynevshaya Alla much younger. Dressed in a stylish black and white suit with unusual accessories and heels, the Diva looks happy and relaxed. The image of the heavily favoured complement the makeup, styling and white smile.

      Of course, subscribers are unable to ignore such changes in appearance Pugacheva. Many suspected her of the use of modern medical technologies, the elixir of youth and even rejuvenating apples.

      “Remember Alla song was “While I’m young until I’m not skinny” downright prophecy: the older you are, the slimmer and more beautiful”, “How nice to see these women… Many have a lot to learn – like, age is venerable, and look high at 45!”, “Wow. In full dress, hair and makeup, suit of fashionable…” “This is Pugachev? Do not believe! It is impossible to look like that at 67. Probably apples ate…” – leave user comments on the web.

      Interestingly, the woman is not the first time surprises the public in this way. Her appearance has caused a resonance among the public. For example, in one of the editions of the show “Maximmaxim”, timed to the New year, she appeared in a short dress off the shoulder trendy solid decoration on the neck. After, already at the presentation of the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Gravity”, the actress posed in a sweater dress and stylish men’s boots with high socks on a hipster twist.

      Many are convinced that such positive change in the way the singer connected with her appearance in the lives of children – Harry and Lisa. The heirs Galkin and Pugacheva are growing creative, intelligent and versatile.

      Recall that recently a woman shared a video in which her son performed the movements in a ballet style that has caused a wave of emotion among the fans of the star family. The son of Alla Pugacheva competes with Nikolai Tsiskaridze