#agonist: Diana Shurygina will meet with the bloggers in “Let them talk”

#надонышке: Диана Шурыгина встретится с блогерами в «Пусть говорят» Scandal story has received continuation. The new releases of TV shows Andrey Malakhov schoolgirl from Ulyanovsk to get acquainted with those who collected “likes” and number of views on the videos with the mention of her name. Diana Shurygina will tell you how her life has changed after appearing on the First channel.

      #надонышке: Диана Шурыгина встретится с блогерами в «Пусть говорят»

      Next week will be broadcast the program “Let them talk”, dedicated to the history of Diana Shurygina. In previous releases 17-year-old girl told how he became a victim of rape during a party in a country house. Young man Sergey Semenov, who was convicted for the crime, is serving a sentence in prison.

      The appearance of Diana on the First channel provoked a strong reaction on the Internet. Some groups supported the girl, while others gave her a real hunt. The phrase Shurygino “on the bottom”, which she used, talking about the amount of alcohol consumed at the party, became a meme, and a new air of “Let them talk”. Commercial offer

      In a few weeks on the Internet there are videos in which the guys sing on the history of Diana, or creating a humorous parody. Shurygina she tries not to pay attention to criticism. Recognized as a schoolgirl, she occasionally reads what she wrote in social networks.

      Diana Shurygina said the detractors live

      Diana’s family was forced to leave at the time of Ulyanovsk, as the people there have changed my attitude. Besides, in Moscow during a walk to the shops, the schoolgirl attacked by teenagers asking to be photographed.

      Some Internet star believes that Shurygina tries to thus achieve popularity and gain millions of followers in social networks. One of the popular online bloggers Nikolay Sobolev has already shared his impressions of the filming on Instagram. “Interesting moments are. I will be a lot. The linings were too, although too much talk about the hype and the ratings made me sickly to scream in the Studio. We forget why all this… We still fight for justice!” – wrote the young man.

      On the personal page Diana posted a picture with his mom in the signature which promised that soon will come the fourth and fifth edition of the program “Let them talk”. This photo has attracted more than 12 thousand likes on the social network.

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