Остались от козлика… Gucci выпустил тапки из парнокопытных

As a material for home shoes Italian brand uses the skins of mountain goats.

While the whole civilized world is fighting for the use of faux fur in the manufacture of clothing, and the world’s leading celebrity appeal to the conscience of producers, admonishing them not to touch the unfortunate chinchillas, Minks, and hamsters, Gucci is across the public opinion and sneaker releases from the skins of goats. Say, mountain…

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How else to explain the price of Slippers from Gucci? A couple asked nearly 106 000! And no you gold buckles for the money, no diamonds, no anti-gravity soles, allowing you to hover above the ground. Wandering around the house in shoes, once again consider, before shuffling his feet. About to prilipnet annoying fly sneakers cost with a huge plasma TV and not talking. The debris on the stairwell they also can not stand. Perhaps they are designed for romantic dates and appearances. No matter how grumbling and your humble servant about the undue cost of this footwear for the home, but the fact remains: the online stores new release from Italian fashion designer snapped up in a few hours, size left. Rumor has it that it’s a cunning marketing move. Supposedly the design of a Shoe sketched with… hairstyles of Donald trump. Painfully, they look like the rebellious hair of the candidate in presidents of America.

Boasted its know-how and Ugg. Together with the Teva brand, they created an incredible – crossed ugg boots and sandals. The result is a warm boots, but with open, windswept toe. Something like orthopedic shoes or a splint, which is worn in severe injuries of the legs. In what weather, and most importantly, where to wear these wonderful bots, not specified. Value space of the Shoe varies from 176 to $ 220. Not so much for the “the ugliest shoes in the world,” as it has been dubbed the consumers.