Бузова расхаживала по Риму в безвкусном наряде

The presenter went with family on a vacation to Italy, where once again demonstrated his, mildly speaking, unusual taste in clothes. Detailed photo report from the trip appeared in Instagram Buzova.

We had to compliment the outfit of Olga Buzova, as she once again began to commit one fashion fail after another. The star went on a vacation to Rome with her husband and mother. Pictures of sights literally flooded with “Instagram” leading the show “Dom-2”.

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And I have to say, Olga attempts to look stylish and harmoniously failed completely. In the microblog Buzova has several photos in which she is pictured in a denim mini skirt, white tank top and blue denim shirt. The image was completed by a massive pink boots with awkward tongue, beloved straw hat Olga and Aviator frame. In this fashion experiments of the stars has not ended. On another photo she put on a pink skinny pants, sneakers with decorative abrasions and a plaid shirt. Of course, not without the same straw hats. In this form Buzova walked around Rome and took pictures on the background of its attractions.