Мода в Охотном Ряду

September 15, TC “Okhotny Ryad” was a fashion show MATRЕSHKA market. Their autumn collection on the catwalk built around the fountain “Okhotny Ryad”, Russian designers presented.

In the Mall, especially such unusual, as “Ryad”, it is not easy to create a show, but the organizers were impressed not only by the General public shopping complex, presenting prizes and gifts, but also VIP-guests, fashion bloggers and stylists who noted the level of the show as close to the shows on the weeks of high fashion. The fountain was used as scenery, and the light directed towards the improvised stage, gently fell on every fall look. Models one after the other as if out of the screens installed in the Central atrium, and gracefully walked around the fountain, to the stylish music.

The theme of the show: Russian fashion “for all”. With his collection of guests LOOK MARKET SHOW MATRËSHKA introduced designers Sultanna Frantsuzova (Sultanna Frantsuzova, Olga Osipenko (Olga Osipenko), Evgenia Dronova (Evgenia Dronova), S Massini, Maria Rybalchenko (Maria Rybalchenko), Jan Nedzvetskaya (LO by Jana Nedzvetskaya), AYLIN LUNA, Vadim merlis (Merlis Vadim) and Trioni.

Each of the brands is unique: Sultanna Frantsuzova many years ago established itself in the market of Russian designers and now only strengthens their position. Vadim merlis is a permanent participant of shows, fashion weeks, so autumn looks from his new collection can rightly be called the highlight of the evening. Jan Nedzvetska – the flamboyant Queen of the catwalk, before she presented her collections at fashion shows and under water, and in the barn, shopping complex – a logical continuation of this wayward concept. Aylin and Trioni showed the top fall clothing, made in the unique Russian style. Olga Osipenko (Olga Osipenko), Evgenia Dronova (Evgenia Dronova, Maria Rybalchenko (Maria Rybalchenko) Marvini and pleased the audience with feminine dresses: long dresses with colorful pattern, air packs and warm cardigans. Massini’s has introduced a new combination for the season, consisting of a bright cosy sweatshirts and dresses.

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