Hello again! Another “naked” dress Volochkova

И снова здравствуйте! Очередное «голое» платье Волочковой

The dancer showed a bold outfit.

You wanted to forget about Anastasia Volochkova at least for one day? You’ll never make it! Ballerina daily reminds himself. Fortunately, the mouthpiece of the page in the social network she has. Sometimes one gets the feeling that the sun hangs over the horizon and will come to us in the morning, if the dancer will not post another provocative picture. The twine will stretch it on the roof of the car, it will show the little light on the bathing suit that will cover the charms of the ladies ‘ bath whisk. Even from such a serious and sad event like the election she is able to do a show. For this it is enough to wear an outfit more brave.

At the headquarters of one of the parties (let’s call it, in order not to engage in campaigning) the appearance Volochkova made a splash and increased the degree of tension to the limit. What here the results of the voting irregularities at the polling stations?!

Anastasia came to the headquarters in fitted mesh sheer dress to the floor. The bottom layer of the outfit flesh-colored blending with the skin of a ballerina, so the impression was that under the black ruffle is absolutely nothing.

Don’t know how another daring Volochkova affected the voting results, but the noise in the Network he has done a lot. Even the most desperate spiteful critics this time agreed that the dress that Anastasia is unmatched. However, there were those who found the sexy ballerina’s outfit inappropriate.

And you dress like ballerinas?

  • Very! Where can you buy?
  • Like. But if this is not taken to wear nowhere
  • The dress is beautiful, only wearing is not the case
  • For me – too bright
  • Other (write in comments)