Родственники скончавшегося мужа Ирины Аллегровой возмущены ее равнодушием Igor Kapusta passed away on may 15. However, Irina Allegrova has so far not commented on the tragedy. Sister and girlfriend of the deceased surprised at this behavior of the stars.
Родственники скончавшегося мужа Ирины Аллегровой возмущены ее равнодушием

May 15, 2018 of life left ex-lover Irina Allegrova Igor Cabbage. The sudden death of the man was a real shock for his family. Particularly had the sister of a former dancer who was incredibly close with the family.

She spoke in detail about how he left the life of her brother. Galina was shocked that Irina Allegrova has not responded to the sad news.

“Honestly, I have never such a cruelty not seen. On the death of Igor, Irina did not react. I don’t want to talk about it,” said sister men Galina.
Родственники скончавшегося мужа Ирины Аллегровой возмущены ее равнодушием

As it turned out, Allegrova has not expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased and even sent a wreath to his funeral. Galina remembered that once I asked for help from the singer. Then Igor Cabbage went to prison, but his wedded spouse refused to support the man.

However, celebrities gathered in the Studio of the program “the Stars aligned”, not sided relatives of Cabbage. According to them, the sister of a man has no right to accuse Allegrova. “They stand near the coffin and I think the wreaths. Why is it necessary? Nobody knows how many tears had been shed in the bathroom. Irina just doesn’t want to show feelings,” said Daria Dontsova.

Beloved Igor Cabbage, which until recently was dreaming about the wedding, I’m sure that man could be saved. In her opinion, he died because of the incompetence of doctors.

“When we went to the doctors, not help us eight hours. In the end, Igor was in intensive care, but the situation was already critical. The doctors told me that if we arrived a little earlier, he could have been saved. The official diagnosis of his pulmonary edema,” shared a young woman.

The relatives of the former dancer performed by Igor on his last journey together, but it did not save another family from quarrels. The fact that the man wanted to be buried, but my sister Cabbage insisted on cremation. This did not son of the deceased.

Now Irina Allegrova continues to remain silent about the tragic situation. The stars in the Studio said that the singer really was in love with Igor, but was unable to come to terms with his infidelities. After breaking up with a married spouse, the actress is no longer married. Moreover, since it ceased to comment on personal life. According to her friends, the woman was never able to come to terms with betrayal.