Тата Блюменкранц рассказала, как она относится к возлюбленному матери A young woman greeted the man with a birthday. Tata Responsibility had already become intimate with the chosen mother. Now they try to spend as much time as possible together as a family.
Тата Блюменкранц рассказала, как она относится к возлюбленному матери

Tata Responsibility left the “House-2” a few days ago but fans continue to follow the life of a young woman and her family. Now she is resting with family in the UAE, not tired to share heartwarming photos of hot country.

20 may elect Tats mother’s birthday. The young woman hastened to congratulate Alexander, noting that he was the ideal grandfather and friend.

“Beatrice and I congratulate our beloved Alexander happy birthday! Let your life be more beautiful, let the luck lead you by the hand and never let go. Let your life be only joy, comfort, prosperity and peace. We love you”, signed touching photo Tata.

Fans of the former participant “Houses-2” was delighted with her heartwarming greetings. They praised Tattoo for wanting to become a friend of mom’s boyfriend. “Sorry that your family left the project. It was very nice to watch, and for you and for Marina Christenunie”, “one can see that in your family a great, touching relationship. Join in all good wishes”, “How cute that you made friends with the beloved mother. This is very important,” – shared her opinion the fans Responsibility.

By the way, the Marina Christianovna also congratulated the beloved happy birthday. She stressed that she loves Alexandra and is ready to spend with him all my life.

“Good morning and happy birthday to my favorite. I love and adore! Thank you for your love,” a touching signed Marina Christianovna the joint.

Recall that about a new Roman star “House-2” became known just a few months ago. Alexander conquered the Marina Christianovna his sincerity and devotion. He was willing to do anything for lady, but did not approve of her participation in the legendary television project.

Now, when a woman left the “House-2”, it will be able to spend much time with the chosen one. Lovers often travel and love to share photos. According to fans, Alexander is the perfect Marina Christianovna. He managed to make friends with the daughter of the lady, but also imbued with feelings for her granddaughter.

Now little Beatrice resting on the sea together with my mother, my grandmother and her new lover. Apparently, the Tata family Responsibility, there is complete idyll, so we’re very glad her fans.