Участница «Холостяка» Виктория Короткова: «Понимала, что будущего у меня с мужем нет» The girl told about the divorce with your spouse. During the filming of the project Viktoriya Korotkova decided to divorce her husband. According to her, their relationship has long outlived its usefulness. Besides, the participant of the show wanted to be honest with Egor.
Участница «Холостяка» Виктория Короткова: «Понимала, что будущего у меня с мужем нет»

One of the brightest participants of the project “the Bachelor” is Viktoriya Korotkova. Striking brunette has won Yegor creed, so she was able to circumvent many of its rivals and stay with the singer at the end of the show. Fans of the show admired her beauty and slim figure. Korotkova she wanted to prove the Creed that is worthy of him, so at the time of participation in the project terminated the relationship with the spouse. Vic was married but have not lived with one. As recognized previously Korotkova “StarHit”, she too hastily married, as was very young.

Участница «Холостяка» Виктория Короткова: «Понимала, что будущего у меня с мужем нет»

Victoria said that because she and her husband parted on friendly terms, he had not opposed the divorce is finalized. The girl wanted to prove Egor: it is more nothing to do with the ex-spouse, so she decided to call it a day.

“Coming to the project, I knew that there was no future for me with no husband. We have some good and bad memories, but from that point on our ways anyway. But hands did not reach to issue divorce officially. On the project I realized that I like Egor, but my history it just did not really like. Any normal man would think the same. At some point, when Yegor was a great distrust of all, I wanted to my side he saw the sincerity, and that caused him a lot of questions: if I am not playing a double game, not if I plan to go back to her husband or perhaps it’s my alternate airport was closed. This story is called I have a lot of questions, she humiliated me, I had to justify myself, I felt uncomfortable, when it came, I’m still not divorced. And at some point I just decided to get a divorce.

As my husband and I parted on friendly terms, I had no idea that he does not want to give me a divorce. When I called him, he did not put a spoke in the wheel and agreed to meet peacefully and to finish this history”, – said Vika “StarHit”.

Victoria and her ex-husband was not of common property and children, so they quietly filed in the registry office. Her ex-husband was not present upon receipt of the divorce papers.

“We don’t keep in touch with her ex-husband. But I know that if something happens, I will come to the rescue, considering what we had before. In the same way and he will support me if something happens. I think it’s very important when you linked something good, you do know how to leave and not to sling mud at each other. It says that it was not in vain and both of them are strong enough. We don’t have property to divide, because the only thing I took from husband – our cat Leopard. More I was nothing is necessary”, – explained the pretender to the victory in the project “the Bachelor.”