Родственники Ольги Зарубиной возмущены обманом на программе Шепелева Son-in-law of the actress still can’t go home to the US. The husband of the sister of Olga Zarubina said that he did not pay the fee for the participation in the show. Also, the promoters promised to help him with the documents necessary for travel to America, but did not keep his word.
Родственники Ольги Зарубиной возмущены обманом на программе Шепелева

At the end of December 2017, the husband of the sister of Olga Zarubina Evgeny Gudkov took part in the program “really”. The man claimed that the daughter of the actress keira is suffering from drug addiction. The scandal associated with the name of the successor, angered the singer.

After filming hooters has faced a number of challenges. It turned out, the man cannot leave Russia and return home to USA due to the fact that he had no Russian passport. Son-in-law Zarubina stressed that the organizers of the show “actually” promised to help him with the preparation of necessary documents, but soon stopped communicating.

“I knew that I had no Russian passport and that on the way back, you may experience problems with departure from Russia. But editors Shepeleva told me that the documents will not be any problems. In fact, I just can’t go back home to the US. Go to Moscow, on different instances, but there I can not help. Assistants of the First channel have stopped me to do another before the holidays. And in America, because I have it all: work, family,” complained the man.
Родственники Ольги Зарубиной возмущены обманом на программе Шепелева

Igor also said that he doubted the veracity of the lie detector test, which were presented in the program. In the opinion of men, on the transfer of all work on a pre-written script, so he urged not to believe what is happening.

In addition to problems with documents, Gudkov have any trouble with money. According to the man, he had not paid the promised fee in full. It happened, supposedly because of requests Zarubina.

“The program threw me for money. Promised two and a half thousand dollars for participation, and paid only a thousand. Administrators told me that I underpaid due to the fact that she asked for a fee for his mother more. Everything in the program is made very cheap and stupid! I’d like to see this program passed the detector itself is Roman Ustyuzhanin, Sabine Pantus and Dmitry Shepelev. I think then we’ll know that everything there is a lie,” – said Gudkov.

Despite the difficulties encountered, Igor doesn’t want to seek the assistance of Olga Zarubina. According to Gudkov, they have a relative a very bad relationship, so she will never help him.

She Zarubina admitted that he is not aware of the problems that have arisen in-law. Communicating with portal “Sobesednik” the artist noted that he did not want to have anything to do with Gudkov after what happened in the program. According to women, relative blackened her favorite daughter in the whole country, accusing her of drug addiction. According to singer, it is absolutely not true.