Дана Борисова публично унизила бывшего мужа TV presenter outraged by the behavior of ex-lover of Maxim Aksenov. According to Dana Borisova businessman puts her all sorts of obstacles in communicating with his daughter Polina. The frustrated star could not hold back emotions after a failure in the meeting with the child.
Дана Борисова публично унизила бывшего мужа

TV presenter Dana Borisova continues to clarify relations with the former civil husband of Maxim Aksenov. The ex-wife clash over General daughter Polina. Currently, the girl lives with the father. According to This, the businessman is not always going to meet her, when it comes to the upbringing of the child. According to the celebrity, Aksenov not only prevents her from seeing the heiress, but also sets the girl against her mother.

Recently, Feldman again refused Borisova in communication with her daughter. Star was very upset, because he planned to spend time with Polina. Dana has condemned the behaviour of the former husband, finding him unworthy.

“We hate to disappoint people, but everything passes and this too shall pass. Thank you, that was in my life, you know who I’m talking about. Do not believe everything, then it will be very painful, especially if a close pulled back and went in a difficult moment. (…) A special thank you for all the pain that continues to hurt me and my daughter’s vindictive and petty man — the father of my girls. God take care of you from such heartless people. He again didn’t let me see my daughter,” shared the celebrity in social networks.

Fans of This hastened to support her and advised not to lose heart. In their view, resilience presenter can only envy. Many people sincerely admire the fact that despite all the problems that occurred on her way, the star continues to be an example for all those who wish to recover from addiction. “Dana, really want to see you happy you smiling. All will be well”, “do Not worry and do not fear anyone”, “You are strong!”, “It’s hard to wait, but it is necessary. Good Luck”, “Hold On! Don’t have much drive themselves”, commented subscribers Borisova.

Recall that the litigation between the presenter and Maxim Aksenov continues. In an interview, Dana said that she was concerned about the behavior of his daughter. According to star, the girl shows disrespect to the mother allows herself to attack her and even pull out hair. Once, said Borisova, Polina and all pulled the money down the toilet and tried to drown her documents. In connection with these events, Dana insists on the appeal of the successor to the therapist. However, Maxim Aksenov, says celebrity makes it impossible to take her to a specialist, believing that she has no problems.