Звезда «Движения вверх» Иван Колесников не выдержал истерик супруги The young actor has invited me to visit the presenter of the program “When all houses” Timur Kizâkova. The son of Sergey Kolesnikov admitted that he had always wanted kids, and told him about the quarrels with his wife Lena. As it turned out, the first few years of marriage, he suffered from the behavior of the second half.
Звезда «Движения вверх» Иван Колесников не выдержал истерик супруги

Actor Sergei Kolesnikov and his family became heroes of the program “When all the houses”. Son of stars Ivan followed in his footsteps. Career of a young artist grows. Last year on the screens out the film resonance “moving up”, in which he played a major role.

In the broadcast of Ivan Kolesnikov told about his family life. In 2002, he married the painter Leena Ramanauskaite. The couple are raising daughters Avdotya and Faith. Young people legalized relationships when they was not yet twenty. Perhaps that is why after the wedding, Ivan and Lina fought a lot. At some point, the couple even stopped communicating and went on vacation separately from each other.

“Suddenly we became husband and wife. And it was something to do with it, to present any demands to enforce the rules… I didn’t know what to do with it. I was all arranged, and then came to some girlfriends and said, “You allowed this and that, and this leads to such consequences.” I thought, “really”. Called a tantrum. Then time passes and I think: “what am I, stupid?” Then I apologize , — said the wife of the young actor. The first three or four years were a time of endless explosions and parishes leaving, it was very hard. For some time we even had a break for a few months, we hardly talked. Vanya went to perch to relax with the guys and I went with my sister”.
Звезда «Движения вверх» Иван Колесников не выдержал истерик супруги

Ivan Kolesnikov noticed that really suffered from hysteria lady. “I saw blood,” he inserted. In turn, Lina added that they were helped by mother Ivana Maria Kolesnikova. “The first half of our lives, all of our quarrels and reconciliation… She somehow kept” — shared Ramanauskaite. Maria confirmed that it was indeed aware of the details of family life son.

“I said, “Lena dear, you are such a good couple. He’s still a child, we all it is passed…,” I called, visited, and Ivan explained that it is wrong with the woman. We all together did it,” said the woman.
Звезда «Движения вверх» Иван Колесников не выдержал истерик супруги

The star of the movie “moving up” adores his daughters and tries to give them all the free time. By the way, the youngest daughter of Ivan Vera grows very wayward. According to the actor, the girl already has a little attitude.

“Faith has no respect. It drives me out of bed, his heels hitting me on the head. Well, it’s awful, I can’t do anything. Waiting for her to grow up, maybe something will change for the better, but while the “bring-bring”. Sometimes, very rarely (I don’t know what should happen), Faith rewards me with a kiss. She’s a vamp” he said, laughing.