Помолодевший Крис Кельми устроил вечеринку для друзей Musician friends gathered at the recital. A stay in a rehabilitation centre located in Thailand, benefited by the smash hit “Closing the circle”. Chris kelmi thanked Andrei Malakhov, Nikita Lushnikov and other caring people for support.

62-year-old Chris kelmi, who was in rehab in Thailand, returned to Moscow. Considerably refreshed and prettier musician decided to have a Banquet in a Moscow restaurant.

At the disposal of “StarHit” was a video made a memorable evening. In the video Chris was captured along with Nikita by Lushnikov, Chairman of the National anti-drug Union. He was in charge of the artist throughout his stay in a foreign rehab. Lushnikov noted the progress which had been achieved kelmi.

“Chris appeared before us in a different guise. Now will be his recital. We are very happy to see a man from whom life comes. He’s happy to share it with others,” said Nikita.

Kelmi said that the trip to Thailand went in his favor. “I am grateful to Andrey Malakhov, Nikita. (…) Greetings to you all and happy New year”, – said the musician.

Recall that Chris kelmi went to rehab in Thailand this fall. The musician flew to Koh Samui to overcome addiction. Friends who raised the alarm after seeing the condition of the artist, persuaded him to apply to the overseas center. Evgeny Osin, suffering from problems with alcoholism, joined those who tried to save Chris.

Aspens on fit, Kelme: “He himself brought”

“I understand that we deny our dependence. But we need to do something, because all signs indicate that this will end badly. Up to a lethal outcome. I wish you get back on the road to recovery. First, failing liver, pancreas, then his legs, and then start diseases such as pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, and in the worst case cirrhosis of the liver,” said co-artistic workshop singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine”.

By the way, one of the first to pick himself up and left for treatment in another country, was Lou Ferrigno. The TV star was able to cope with a serious addiction thanks to the host and editor-in-chief of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov. Now Dana returns to normal life after a long stay abroad. Borisov said that the beginning of a new life. Blonde full of plans and is going to help other people.