Адвокаты Мишулиной и Еремеева рассказали о ходе суда At the end of October the daughter of a famous artist sued for a million rubles. Karina Mishulina defended the honor and dignity of his father. She wanted to invoke the responsibility of Timur’s administration and publishing, which published his interview.
Адвокаты Мишулиной и Еремеева рассказали о ходе суда

Recently in the program “Let them talk” was the point in the resonant case an illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. As it turned out, aspiring actor Timur Eremeev really is the successor of the famous actor. Karina Mishulina after a while managed to find the strength to accept the relative to meet him without the cameras. Timur Eremeev – son of Spartaka Mishulina. The whole history of the conflict between relatives

However, many remember that the daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich has filed a lawsuit against Timur and the journal in which was published his interview where he talked about his relationship with Mishulin. Despite the fact that genetic examination confirmed the words Eremeeva, and brother and sister are reconciled, Karina did not withdraw the suit. Recently, a hearing was held and the lawyer Karina Igor Simonov has told, how was the meeting. As it turned out, the widow Mishulina bad chuvstvuet, and therefore was held in abeyance. Daughter Spartaka Mishulina million plans to sue for libel about his illegitimate son

“The court session was appointed, we were. But in view of the new circumstances Karina’s mother is going through. On the basis of human relations, we are asked to appoint the court after the New year. Of course, we lean over the world, maybe the position of the plaintiffs will change, I don’t know, drastically or not. We will discuss and decide what to do. To proceed from the positive principles of kindness, humanity and friendship,” – said Simonov.
Адвокаты Мишулиной и Еремеева рассказали о ходе суда

Karina Mishulina appeared in the program “Let them talk” with her husband Ivan Korobov and heirs Christine and Pauline. Daughter of the famous actor said that dad bequeathed to the birth of a grandson – he wrote in his diary that in 2026 Christina gave birth to a boy, who would call Spartacus. The fact that the artist was born in 1926 and wanted to after a century, was born the heir. By the way, she bears the name Mishulina to continue the dynasty.

Timur Eremeev about the result of the DNA test: “Spartak Mishulin my dad? It was not a surprise for me”

Also in Studio was visited by Timur himself and his mother. Tatiana once again apologized to Valentina Konstantinovna and Karina for the fact that this story received such publicity.

“If not for Timur, nobody would have known, but I support it,” said mom Eremeeva.

Адвокаты Мишулиной и Еремеева рассказали о ходе суда

Also the host of “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov remembered that in one of the programs mentioned about other possible children of Spartak Vasilyevich. From ballerina Maya Autochina was the daughter of Jeanne, which she gave to the orphanage, because he could not raise the baby herself, without anybody’s support. Editors talk shows found the woman, but she does not want to know whether the successor of the famous actor. Apparently, she passed the biological material for the analysis.

Family Spartaka Mishulina learned about his new alleged children

Mishulina together with his brother does not insist on the disclosure of results of genetic examination of Joan. “We have taken this position, it all depends on the desires of the individual,” said Timur. Dmitry Borisov said that until they open the envelope with the DNA test.