Как выйти замуж за миллионера? Жена самарского олигарха поделилась своим секретом Ksenia Tsaritsyn spoke about his life experiences. In August of this year after several years of relationship she was the lawful wife of a businessman. Many girls dream to repeat its journey, and therefore are constantly interested in the recipe for happiness.

Model Ksenia Tsaritsyn became known after he published in the microblog the ring with a huge diamond. Gorgeous decoration that is similar to what happened between Elizabeth Taylor and went at auction for 8.8 million euros, was discussed by many netizens. The wife of the Russian oligarch boasted diamond in 70 carat

As it turned out, luxury gifts mother of two makes her choice, the Samara businessman Alexey Shapovalov. Family for more than five years living in Dubai. Despite the fact that the pair has been together only in August of this year, they decided to legitimize the relationship and played a gorgeous wedding. Samara tycoon blew millions on a fancy wedding with model Ksenia Tsaritsyno

For many girls, life of Xenia – an example to follow. Some try to learn what qualities should possess a woman to marry a millionaire. Tsaritsyn shared the reasoning on this, from my own experience.

“I believe that, first, it is a matter of luck. Secondly, you need to have a circle of friends where you can meet a wealthy man. If you live in the country and communicate only with their neighbors, of course you will find not that rich, but just a normal man. Thirdly, there is no guarantee that you will like the rich man, because we all have different tastes. This is basically what you need to remember my podeschi”, – said Xenia.

The wife of the oligarch did not begin to hide – it is very often asked for advice on how to attract rich and successful man. She believes that first and foremost have to be herself, to enjoy life, to love and respect people. She also encourages the girl to be thankful for every single thing about her. “Of course, it’s important to be beautiful, but not all are born with this gift…” – says Tsaritsyn.

Ksenia and Alex together for over six years. Tsaritsyn understand that all relationships require work. In her opinion, it is important to adjust the chosen one. In her view, it is necessary to give the husband and never to argue. Moreover, the girls would do well to learn to completely trust the chosen one and not to be indignant on trifles. Xenia admitted in an interview with Woman.ru what matters most is love.

“There is a stereotype that the rich man rejected the girl will chase her and try again to achieve it, because everything on it hung, but she can’t. But this is nonsense — these girls just called bitches. A rich man gives a lot and demands the same in return, everything else is fiction. You always have to work on relationships, to help his companion, to support him, to praise, to motivate, to keep yourself in shape and, of course, to smile,” says Tsaritsyn.