Regina todorenko parted with a beloved man

Регина Тодоренко рассталась с любимым мужчиной
The presenter is saved from the sad thoughts with work.


While all the fans are discussing, is it true that Regina todorenko left the show “eagle&Tails” in the soul of the presenter settled sadness. It became known that the girl broke up with her boyfriend, Nikita by Trakinas. And, though a personal blog star’s Instagram is full of bright and iridescent the photos, actually the shooting of this season began for Regina test. And at the same time salvation. Although she cried at night, but work, especially in such a wild graph, as in “eagle&tails” is definitely distracting.

The decision to part was mutual. Todorenko said that she was “perepechatala”. After all, most of the year it just wasn’t in their shared apartment. Regina and Nikita had parted friends, even working together on a project.

But during a trip around the world Todorenko dreamed that he, too, worked with her on the same team. But he only came to her a few times in eight months.

Despite the fact that Todorenko and Kraken lived together to get married in the next few years they are not planned.

“On the one hand, I want a wedding and a ring, and a white dress — it’s sure to be, — said Regina in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. On the other hand, at 18 I just wanted it stronger. Because at this age you really have nothing to do. Well, what are you doing? Studying at the University, with friends hanging out, receive a scholarship, in the projects of some involved. There is a time to give birth to children, to educate, although still very small, but the time, that is. Now, I sometimes collect a bunch of can’t. Well, I have a lot of helpers I couldn’t have done it. How can I answer even for a small person? Although I’m sure that sooner or later children I will have. And even I honestly the names they came up a long time. Nikita also not ready for all this. He’s even younger than me, and he, too, first you have to realize, to stand up, then we had the opportunity to raise someone else”.

Todorenko continues to wear the ring on my finger, which gave her beloved man. However, solely because she loves it, not as a symbol of love and fidelity. Like every optimist, she knows that all she will be fine. Just this period it is necessary to somehow survive.