Rose Sabitova talking about menopause

Роза Сябитова заговорила о климаксе
Host of the show “let’s get married” launches its educational project.

Photo: Instagram

Rose Sabitova decided to raise a very interesting topic. The presenter has created a new unique project called “rose Sabitova about menopause and beyond,” based on her own experiences.

“Next week starts my educational project “About menopause and beyond…”, which aims to raise awareness of menopause and its perception in modern society, says Sabitova. So I became the “lawyer of menopause”!”

The presenter will touch on such important topics as the change in women’s hormonal, but not from a medical point of view, by its conduct, communication with other people, including men. 55-year-old star felt all the “charms” of this state on his own and now is ready to share with those who will in the near future.

Subscribers stars Instagram, where rose shared this great news, not embraced it with enthusiasm. All felt that such lectures must be conducted by the doctor, not the main matchmaker of the country. Also “fans” advised Sabitova better to teach your daughter Xenia to cook soup, as recently on the First channel in the show “My mother makes better,” the girl rubbed into the soup raw carrots, which is extremely angered viewers.