Russell Crowe refuses to admit to affair with a young assistant

Рассел Кроу отказывается признаваться в интрижке с молоденькой ассистенткой
The actor is not willing to confirm the love relationship with a girl younger than him twice.

Russell Crowe


Russell Crowe spends all his time with his young assistant. They ride together on bicycles, came together in Mexico and two of us enjoyed the sun by the pool at the hotel. Of course, could not fail to appear rumors that the 53-year-old actor’s new novel. However Crowe himself has stated in social media that it is associated with this girl just a business relationship. “She’s my assistant. Nothing personal.” And even in Mexico, in a resort place he came to her solely in order to discuss important business issues.

Few people believe in such a version, but still do not know even the name of this “assistant”, without which Crowe feels, apparently, as without hands. And so she accompanies him everywhere. Gossip about a new fascination with the stars came along with regret and disappointment expressed by many fans of Russell in connection with his changed appearance. The fact that the famous actor recovered, stout almost beyond recognition and now weighs 140 pounds! It all started with the fact that he recovered for her role in the film “Goodfellas”, managed to lose weight after filming, but gained even more weight for the next picture.

And unfortunately when it is the propensity to be overweight Crowe does absolutely nothing to regain his old form. Except that makes Cycling in the company of his assistant. I must say, Russell is not the first time denies rumors about his love life. The last few years he always publicly denied the existence of the alleged romantic relationship with Terri Irwin, wife of the deceased Steve Irwin, a wildlife researcher, author of numerous documentary films about animals, nicknamed “the hunter for crocodiles”. Steve was a good friend of the actor. Once Crowe even wrote that “his life became a drama.” They say, “he is going to marry, broke her engagement, although in reality they and Terry are just friends.”

Just appeared groundless talk that Crowe decided to go after old friend Naomi watts, who recently broke up with his partner Levon Schreiber. Or even more gossip about his affair with Nicole Kidman. They are long time friends, Nicole is happily married to Keith urban and Russell supported the compatriot back in the days when she dumped Tom cruise and she needed the help of a friend.

One thing is clear. Since then, Crowe has separated from his wife and mother of his two sons, Daniel Spencer, he never met a new love. And it seems, his personal life leaves much to be desired. No wonder they say that he still hopes to return to his former wife.