Red Star: Тимати сильно обгорел на отдыхе

The rapper fit to change the name of the label.

It seems that Timothy will soon delight us with a new track “I and juicy models in Courchevel burned”. The effect of the scorching sun on the epidermis, the rapper felt to the full. On his page in the social network he posted the video, which is more like the leader of the Redskins, rather than the Black Star of All the Russias.

For several days now, Timothy is resting together with her friend Anastasia Reshetova on one of the posh resorts. While she luxuriates on the beach, her lover cuts through the waves on a surfboard.

Apparently, the guy was so enthralled with the process that he forgot about the simple precautions of sun exposure. Cream it prudently, of course, not anointing, it’s not manly. In the shade from the hot rays is not gone, it’s for wimps. And here is the result – red, like a blooming poppy, and not less scarlet back.

Timothy himself joked that he now had a tan laborer (Mike) or taxi driver and said he would be saved cucumber mask.

Fans of the rapper, concerned about the health of your pet, immediately rushed to give good advice. Despite the diversity of modern means for removing redness and burns. By the way, the list of wonder drugs still leads the sour cream.

Video posted by Black Star (@timatiofficial) Sep 19 2016 at 7:30 PDT